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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clariant presented value-creating innovations at Paperex India 2011

Clariant shined the spotlight on the performance and cost-optimization benefits of its colorants, optical brightening agents and chemicals for paper at Paperex in New Delhi, India from December 10 - 13, 2011.
The specialty chemicals expert presented its latest cost-effective solutions designed to enhance papermakers' products and processes that included:
  • New optical brightening agent (OBA) Leucophor XL: the novel tinted OBA for surface application gives a truer white and less red shade, providing high-white grades of paper with less OBA and shading dyes/pigments at a lower cost.
  • Award-winning stickie-reducing innovation Cartaspers PSM: minimizes stickies and pitch on sieves and felts by passivation and thereby increases machine running time. At the same time, exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOC) for both factory staff and the environment is reduced. In recognition of this achievement, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the Pollution Prevention Recognition Award to Cartaspers PSM.
  • New Deposit Control range addition Cartaspers SCH: developed specifically by Clariant to improve machine cleanliness and runnability when wastepaper is used as a raw material in the papermaking process. Cartaspers SCH works through a mechanism of passivation, combining with pressure sensitive adhesives, latex binders, pitch and all other potential stickie contaminants, to give them a hard protective shell, which prevents agglomeration and reduces the tendency of stickies to foul machine clothing. The increased softening point of the passivated stickies helps prevent "picking" in the drying section and the transfer of contaminant to the hot cylinders is significantly reduced.
  • Cartabond crosslinkers for improved quality in offset printing and converting: the highly-reactive series avoids dust formation on wetted out paper surfaces during printing and converting operations, thereby limiting the associated problems of production stoppages and reduced printing quality. Cartabond crosslinkers offer improved wet surface strength by decreasing the water solubility and/or aqueous swelling of binders and fibers close to the paper surface. They create additional links between the binder polymer molecules, the cellulosic fibers and the filler or surface pigment particles. Their high reactivity ensures quick crosslinking as soon as water is evaporated from the paper surface in the drying section of the paper machine. Cartabond TSI, Cartabond EPI, Cartabond MZI, Cartabond KZI and Cartabond EZI are available depending on the specific paper type and printing application.
"Higher cost pressures do not have to lead to quality limitations for paper and cardboard," commented Andy Wälti, Regional Sales Head Asia-Pacific at Clariant. He added, "Clariant's cost-efficient solutions add real value to papermakers' products and processes, and, with our latest innovations, we are looking forward to supporting the Indian paper industry in optimizing performance, quality and efficiency."

"Clariant Paper Specialties Business adds value to paper by catering to the market with visionary, value-added and eco-compatible products. To support the Indian paper industry's requirements, Clariant's innovative approach brings life to paper through its various offerings in the Coloring, Whitening, Strengthening, and Deposit controlling segments. All these value addition and cost efficient applications follow the path of long term sustainability, which Clariant believes in sharing with all its customers. In the present difficult economic environment, the ground-breaking, innovative products of Clariant contribute to excellence in the Paper Specialty Chemicals segment," explained Mr. Us Shashikeerthy, Head - BU Paper Specialties, Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd.