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Eminence Business Media

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hot Stamping and Cold Foil Transfer Guide from Kurz

Anyone searching for in-depth information on the print finishing technologies of hot stamping and cold foil transfer will now find it in one location. The stamping foil manufacturer Kurz has published a comprehensive work that covers all aspects of these technologies in detail. The new book “Hot Stamping and Cold Foil Transfer – A Comprehensive Guide for the Graphics Industry” is directed towards all those around the world who apply or are interested in these decoration techniques. It is intended to serve as a reference for old hands, while also being a handy guide for novices. The book contains not only technical tips for processors, printers and production managers, but also content that will give inspiration to designers and marketing specialists. 

The hot stamping section elaborates on the history, manufacture and applications of stamping foils, including a discussion of the use of hot stamping foils for brand name protection and brand decoration. It gives a comprehensive run through of all aspects of this finishing technology, from the selection of the design, creation of the die templates, machine setup and make-ready work, right through to selection of the correct foil grade.

The content relating to the cold foil transfer process includes design guidelines and instructions for artwork preparation, as well as information on the use of cold foils in narrow web and sheet-fed printing processes. The transfer techniques employed in both process variants are explained, and a variety of machine systems, suitable substrates and adhesives are presented. A chapter on the UV casting decoration process rounds off this content. 

Despite the wealth of information contained within this guide, it is far from being a dry tome. Hot Stamping and Cold Foil Transfer contains lavish illustrations that will whet the reader’s appetite for finishing technologies. These show applications of the hot stamping and cold foil transfer technologies in various designs, some in an amazing close-up perspective, that explore the aesthetics of decoration in a refreshing manner.