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Eminence Business Media

Friday, January 27, 2012

Alpha adds to adhesives applications

In response to a request from French adhesive tape converter Lima SAS, Calemard has developed a heavy duty slitter rewinder to handle different materials, such as textiles, nonwovens and plastics films. The new Alpha slitter is fitted with a separate unwinder to handle mother rolls of 1,600mm width, 1,000mm diameter and 1,000kg weight with automatic guiding of the web. An integrated cantilever type lifting system provides easy loading and handling of these rolls directly from the ground.

A universal 3-6 inch core adaptor (without any tubing or adaptation) enables the handling of different diameter shafts, and a lateral pintle motion, through brushless motors, allows handling of rolls from 1,600-800mm width without any manual position adjustments.

The separate unwinder also includes a manual splicing table, and to eliminate static electricity the Alpha is supplied with a complete deionization system installed at different positions on the product path. There are three cutting systems - shear, crush and razor blades - on a swivelling rail to manage different product thicknesses of most products down to 19mm. A rapid slitting width adjustment system helps to reduce downtime and improve productivity during production changes.