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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

X-Rite Announces Free Color Management Software Updates

X-Rite, the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, today announces the availability of several free downloadable software updates including ColorMunki Display software, i1Profiler software and i1Profiler D2LionEdition software for i1Display LT and i1Display 2 Color Calibration Devices.
“Today’s announcement of free software updates underscores X-Rite’s on going commitment to delivering the highest quality color management solutions.  We are committed to continually improve and enhance our software in order to deliver the world class solutions our customers expect,” said Thomas Kunz, X-Rite’s Market Manager, Imaging.   

i1Profiler Software v.1.2 is the latest i1Profiler update offering several new functions and improvements including:

Display Profiling Updates
§  Ability to balance RGB controls during display calibration
§  Reporting of target and measured values for luminance, white point and contrast ratio during display profiling
§  Direct control of EIZO ColorEdge displays using X-Rite ADC (Automatic Display Control)
§  Improved ADC functionality and connectivity for all platforms 

Printer Profiling Updates
§  Selection of M0 or M2 measurements for profile creation when used with an i1iSis
§  User ability to customize exported CGATS data for multiple uses 
Improved reading of chromatic black ink on printer test charts

ColorMunki Display Software v 1.0.2 . 
This new update provides improvements for ColorMunki Display device connectivity, ADC (Automatic Display Control) functionality and color accuracy. To download the new software version, current users can access “Check for updates” located in their ColorMunki Display Help menu or visit: www.xritephoto.com or www.xrite.com to directly download ColorMunki Display v1.0.2 software from the Support section.  
i1Profiler D2Lion Edition, a MAC OSX 10.7 Lion compatible software update for registered i1Display LT and i1Display 2 users, is now available. These currently retired devices, which run on i1Match software, now have the benefit of utilizing this limited special edition version of the new X-Rite i1Profiler software. This software update is designed for MAC OSX Lion users to utilize their i1Display LT or i1Display 2 device on the latest Mac OS until they are ready to upgrade to one of X-Rite’s newest display products - new solutions allow users to get the most out of their monitors and projectors, adding unprecedented functionality and fully support Mac OSX 10.7 Lion. Registered owners will be provided a software download link via email.  Owners can register at any time.

Each update - i1Profiler 1.2, ColorMunki 1.0.2 and i1Profiler D2Lion Edition - is available for immediate download. For more information on these software updates, please visit www.xrite.com, www.xritephoto.com or www.pantone.com. 

X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology. The company, which now includes design industry color leader Pantone LLC, develops, manufactures, markets and supports innovative color solutions through measurement systems, software, color standards and services. X-Rite’s expertise in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color helps users get color right the first time and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs. X-Rite serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical.