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Eminence Business Media

Friday, January 13, 2012

Meech thinks small to offer big Air Amplification benefits

Meech International has opened up new applications for its energy-saving compressed air products following the addition of new compact Air Amplifiers and High Thrust Jets to the Meech Air Technology (MAT) range.

The additions comprise three new sizes of both Air Amplifier and High Thrust Jet, with outlets ranging from 9mm to 37mm. The reduced dimensions of the new products allow industrial consumers of compressed air to gain the benefits of air amplification in environments where space is at a premium, with no loss of efficiency. Depending on the model, Meech Air Amplifiers entrain ambient air at ratios of between 12:1 and 25:1, while the Meech High Thrust Jet achieves a ratio of 4:1. Both products reduce noise levels by up to 50dBA and have no moving parts, making installation easy and reducing the need for ongoing maintenance.

Says Iain Cameron, International Product Manager for Meech’s MAT division: “Uncontrolled compressed air consumption from open pipes not only costs money, it can create noise levels that cause noise-induced hearing loss. In fact, recent analysis shows compressed air is the cause of almost 80% of all hearing loss suffered in manufacturing industry. Our air technology solutions can reduce compressed air consumption by an average of 70%, increase output by up to 25 times, and reduce noise levels by up to 50dBA. The addition of new, smaller models delivers these benefits to more manufacturers and more demanding applications.”

Meech Air Amplifiers provide constant large airflows while only consuming a minimal volume of compressed air. A tiny amount of compressed air is released through an adjustable circular slot inside the Air Amplifier, creating a 'tube' of air. This then travels on the inside of the unit towards the front, creating areas of low pressure behind and in front that entrain ambient air at a range of ratios, depending on the size of air amplifier. Typical applications include redirecting items on production lines, drying and cooling products or components, and—under solenoid valve control—ejection of products from the production line.

High Thrust Jets use a very small amount of compressed air to provide a high-power blast of air, while reducing compressor demand and lowering noise levels. This is achieved by forcing compressed air through an adjustable internal circular slot, generating an area of low pressure at the rear of the jet that entrains ambient air at a ratio of 4:1. This maximises the high-power blow off. Among the applications for High Thrust Jets are item-removal on injection moulding lines, blowing-off small particles generated in machining processes, cooling of conveyor belts, water removal and water cleaning.