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Monday, January 9, 2012

Omet Certified as HD Flexo Printer

HD Flexo is a new process for making digital flexographic plates and is rapidly imposing itself as the new standard in quality printing. Omet, forerunner in many fields an innovation-driven company, is among the few machine manufacturers to apply for – and obtain, - the HD Certification issued by EskoArtwork 

In a world full of images, whenever we watch TV, use a camera, play with our mobile phone, HD has rapidly become the new language. What is HD Flexo? The highest print quality obtained through simplified and more affordable plate production. To embrace HD Flexo, no new prepress equipment is required and no changes of working methods must be introduced.   HD combined to Flexo is the most interesting event since the launch on the printing market of CPI platemaking. HD Flexo achieves sharper and more accurate imaging, its extended colour gamut confers to colours intensity and vividness, print consistency is ensured for the whole run length and relies on extremely long-lasting plates. OMET, press manufacturer based in Lecco-Italy, has embraced HD Flexo for its daily platemaking needs. Top-quality HD Flexo subjects were printed by Omet, under license of Carlsberg Brewery, during Labelexpo Europe 2011 raising general approval.

“Since the awarding of the EskoArtwork Certification, HD Flexo has become the benchmark of Flexo printing quality in our company” states Marco Calcagni, Sales Director of OMET. “When we print on one of our combination presses, we see that their potential is enhanced by the use of HD Flexo. On the other side, our R&D and Printing department are engaged in the creation of the most compelling HD works to test – with the aim, of course, to improve - our machines performance”. Matching HD to Flexo takes flexography beyond standards and represents the most immediate alternative to offset and gravure. The gap between offset and flexo quality is finally cancelled; a gravure-comparable quality level is achieved through greater cost-efficiency and environmental-friendly choices.