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Thursday, December 7, 2017

BST eltromat International Shanghai at Labelexpo Asia 2017

BST eltromat International Shanghai is presenting its wide product range at this year’s Labelexpo Asia in Shanghai (December 5 – 8). In hall E1, booth B33 the company is showcasing quality assurance systems for the label and packaging industry e.g. for web guiding, web monitoring, 100% inspection, color measurement and register control. Moreover, visitors can learn more about products and solutions for surface inspection, color management, automation, workflow and measurement of thickness + basis weight.

Highlights in the Web Guiding Sector
In the field of web guiding, BST eltromat Shanghai is showcasing the CLS Pro 600 digital line and contrast sensor. The color sensors of the high-performance CLSPro 600 sensor provide precise, non-contact scanning of lines, and also of print or web edges. This enables them to cover a wide range of different possibilities.The combination of high scan rate and high-resolution CCD color line chip guarantees precise guiding of the webs, even when dealing with broken lines orcontrasts. Moreover, the company is also showcasing the web guiding product CompactGuide, which can be configured flexibly. EcoGuide is another web guiding product, that lives up to its name: it is particularly economical to operate. This web guiding system can also be individually configured to meet a variety of requirements.

Web Monitoring and 100 % Inspection
BST eltromat Shanghai is also presenting the POWERScope 5000. Launched last year at drupa, the POWERScope 5000 features an extremely high level of operating convenience. It can be operated via the hotkeys of the external keyboard or using the intuitive gesture control of a multitouch monitor. In both cases, operation is reduced to the essential functions, providing maximum user-friendliness. The web monitoring system also features a wear-free electronic zoom and outstanding image quality thanks to the high-resolution digital camera and LED flash. Moreover, this new system offers greatly improved image quality compared to the previous solutions. As a result, machine operators can detect irregularities on the press far better and faster. Besides the POWERScope 5000, customers can see the TubeScan eagle view, which was developed by BST eltromat technology partner Nyquist Systems. TubeScan eagle view combines multiple inspection cameras, which provide a detailed zoom image and simultaneously guarantee 100% inspection. Through the touchscreen control panel, the set-up of the job is intuitively easy and taken care of in a matter of seconds.