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Monday, December 18, 2017

NBG Printographic launches its first flexo label press, StarFlex

One of the reputed Indian manufacturers of web offset presses for newspapers and books has now ventured into the labels segment and launched its first flexo label press, StarFlex. Claimed to have been tested successfully on aluminum foil, unsupported films, labelstock and other substrates, it has been tested to run at 120m/min with labelstock, the 6-color, servo-driven flexo press has a web width from 10in to 20in, depending on customer requirement. It can be equipped with UV lamps, cold and hot foiling units, delam, relam, turnbar, chill drums and other units. There is also a possibility of offering a combination press whereby the press can be integrated with rotary screen, offset and gravure units. While gravure and offset units are developed by NBG Printographic Machinery, the company is partnering with other companies for UV lamps and rotary screen.

With a target to sell 12 to 15 presses by the end of the 2018-19 fiscal year, Nitin Garg, director at NBG Printographic Machinery says: “It is a high end automated Indian press that can fill the gap to compete with European and American label presses. We are very confident of the product quality because we have used years of our experience and in-house infrastructure to build this press. We believe it will be well accepted by mid and top end printers who are looking at consistency, reliability and customized product.’