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Eminence Business Media

Friday, December 8, 2017

Chemence Alford receives FlexoExpert certification

Chemence Graphics Group is a pan European leader in pre-press, flexographic and printing plate technology, with fast, easy-to- use and cost-effective processes while giving outstanding print quality. Chemence’s innovative technologies incorporate the newest ideas and the most up-to- date features in the world of Graphics. The drive to continuously examine every aspect from pre-press to product has helped Chemence to solve problems and improve print standards for their clients.

Increasing performance and sustainability has been the motivation to participate in Flint Group’s FlexoExpert Certification Programme and the UK business has recently became the first official FlexoExpert within the Group.

During a six-month process consisting of three main steps – evaluation, implementation and training, then auditing – the FlexoExpert Certification Programme provides the means by which plate makers can further optimise their workflow to make more reliable and consistent plates, time and time again. With the guidance of a Flint Group expert, Chemence UK implemented the programme and passed the final audit to earn the honour of the FlexoExpert. In so doing they became the first site within the Chemence Group, to receive FlexoExpert certification. All of Chemence pan European sites will follow the UK lead by participating in the FlexoExpert Certification Programme.

We are very pleased and proud to achieve the FlexoExpert Certification. We engaged in the programme that has helped us drive and maintain consistency in the workflow, ensuring the process is kept at a sustainable high level. This is offered by monitoring equipment regularly, ensuring that we produce printing plates at a constant quality level that’s repeatable. (Mark Collingwood – Plate / Mounting Team Leader – Chemence Graphics UK) With its plate-making expertise and focus on service, Flint Group first introduced the programme in April 2016, and offers it to customers around the globe who are interested in broadening their knowledge on the standardisation of the flexo plate-making process.