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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

"The future of print is here" says Dr. Dieter Niederstadt of Asahi Photoproducts

“Asahi Photoproducts is all about the future of print – especially flexographic printing. Our goal is to radically improve the efficiency of flexo production and to support flexo printers. And we are doing that in so many ways,” says Dr. Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager, Asahi Photoproducts.

“First, our unique Clean Transfer Technology using our own specially engineered polymer chemistry, enables flexo printers to deliver what brand owners want – faster, better– and still make a nice profit. The key here is the ability of our Clean Transfer Technology to drive press up-time. We’ve seen cases where up-time has improved from 25% to 50% and more. We see companies using our technology operating at 33% higher OEE – and that can mean a 33% increase in profitable turnover. In case of Gateway Packaging Company i.e. even more. They improved their OEE by 53%, he says.

Dr. Dieter added: “But that’s not all. The other revolution happening in flexo is fixed color palette printing. We are seeing growing adoption of the use of a fixed set of four to seven inks, virtually eliminating the need for spot inks and the costly and time-consuming wash-up between jobs. You just run everything with that fixed set of inks and watch the work roll out the door faster, often with higher quality, and with savings for your customer while you generate more profit for yourself. Our experts can help you get there!”

These are just two ways Asahi can help you grow a strong and profitable business far into the future. Companies that are moving slower are being gobbled up by larger companies. Larger companies dominate and smaller companies fill niches. It’s survival of the fittest and our entire company is focused on helping forward-thinking printing firms of all sizes not only survive but thrive,” concluded Dr. Dieter.