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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mark Andy Digital One Roadshow provided a successful introduction to the product in Mexico

A recent Digital One Roadshow provided a successful introduction to the product in Mexico. Realizing many label converters don’t have the luxury to step away from busy production schedules, Mark Andy set forth to bring comprehensive digital label technology directly to them. With the support of ACS, a partner of Mark Andy, the OEM hosted live demonstrations of Digital One in Mexico early December. Events were held in Guadalajara and Monterrey, proving to be an exciting and successful last leg of the 2017 roadshow series.

Converters in Mexico are seeing increased demands for short run work and shorter lead times. End users adopting “Just-in-Time” (JIT) inventory strategies have forced today’s label providers to increase efficiency and decrease waste; digital hybrid technologies offer a logical path to agility within this dynamic and ever evolving market. As a result, many label converters are looking to add digital hybrid capability to their pressrooms.

The Monterrey and Guadalajara shows were some of the most successful events to date. Over 65 converters and printers were able to view live demonstrations of the press and ask specific technical questions. Much like a traditional demo, the roadshows provided attendees the opportunity to get hands on with the technology. John Vigna, Sales Manager, Mark Andy, shared, “This past week's events have enabled converters to witness first-hand Digital One’s capabilities and how this machine can help their companies to be a one-stop-shop for customers.”

Digital One is an entry-level digital label press that utilizes CMYK dry-toner technology combined with a flexo print station for decoration and inline die-cutting. The press was designed for profitable short run prime labels and is based on a competitive pay-as-you-go structure with no click charges. ACS technicians were trained on how to setup and run the machine within a couple hours, reinforcing the operatory-friendly design and simplicity of the machine.

Digital One garnered a large amount of interest from label converters in Mexico. Color Digital, Etiprint, and Matecmex Label, made the decision to purchase Digital One during the events, solidifying Digital One as an ideal solution for the Latin American label market. According to Vigna, “Digital One brings the everyday converter the first all-in-one digital hybrid solution. Smaller print shops can finally compete against comparable digital assets at less than a third of the initial capital investment; all without sacrificing print quality.” The compact design, minimal site requirements and ease of use appeals to converters who look to compete in the expanding prime, durable and variable data labeling sectors.

Hector Martinez, owner of Color Digital and proud new purchaser of a Digital One label press, noted that many of his high-volume customers are beginning to shift towards short run work as well. Digital One will provide Color Digital with a profitable means to be a single source to the brand owner by enabling them to produce short run labels efficiently and keep from overburdening other technology, such as their Performance Series P3 press. Martinez states, “I recognize that the industry will continue to trend towards short run adaptability. I view the Digital One as Color Digital’s first step into what will be a long digital path.”

This tour has inspired multiple business owners to take the first step in their digital journey – expanding their reach through hybrid printing technology. The events give Mark Andy the unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with converters and showcase new technology that will give their businesses a competitive edge. Mark Andy looks forward to expanding reach of the Digital One roadshows in the upcoming year.