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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Neenah reveals the magic of combinations in The Alchemy of Design

Alchemy is an ancient practice that blends science with spiritual belief. Practitioners of early Greek alchemy believed that nature’s four basic elements, air, fire, water and earth were the basis of all matter. The practice later became more scientific, often used in attempts to magically transform lesser-valued metals into precious gold. Today’s idea of alchemy has evolved into the broader philosophy of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Neenah embraces this concept of combining and transforming in its newest promotion The Alchemy of Design.

“This is an inspiration book that reinterprets the meaning of alchemy within the realm of print design, where the four essential elements are audience, message, paper and print. The Alchemy of Design demonstrates ways to creatively combine those elements to amplify everyday design projects. Even those projects that have lower design budgets are still expected to have high impact. Throughout the book, the designs explore mixing and mingling of paper colors and textures, inspiring designers to think outside of that one swatchbook,” says Auburne Gahlman, Marketing Manager, Neenah.

Designed by Willoughby Design, The Alchemy of Design blends three very different brands — Royal Sundance, Astrobrights, and Environment Papers — in unexpected ways. Presented in a beautiful die-cut slipcase, the 9 x 11 double-sided accordion fold book takes deep dives into four different branding projects (for a total of 20+ printed pull-out samples) each using the three different Neenah grades to add layers of color and texture and impact.

For example, Earth | Worth is a handcrafted ceramic home goods brand featured in Alchemy. Knowing that a brochure is the single printed piece most handled by its loyal and potential customers, the brand uses the toothy texture of Royal Sundance to evoke the weighty and natural essence of its products. The brand package extends to the smooth touch and natural shades of Environment, coupled with an accent of Astrobrights, Terra Green, to create a hangtag system. Using three complimentary papers for a hangtag system, and printing them all in one print run with one color, is a low-cost/high ROI idea for expressing the brand personality at the point of sale.

This is a promotion that has to be explored page by page to fully appreciate the idea-generating combinations of print and paper. Get your free copy of The Alchemy of Design, valued at $10.99, through your Neenah representative.