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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Datamark UK adds a Daco PLD350 for their plain label division

Following the recent purchase of a Daco D250 rotary die cutter in March 2011, Datamark needed to produce small rolls on 19mm (3/4”) mandrels for mobile printers.  Due to the amount of material on each roll, the die cutter spent most of it time stopped whilst the operator attached the web to the cores.

After exploring the market for turret rewinding solutions, fully automatic machines where just too expensive and did not suit the run lengths involved due to the setup times.  Daco Solutions demonstrated the Daco PLD semi-automatic turret where job setups are all entered from the colour touch screen control and apart from mandrel changes there are no other mechanical settings to be made.  In contrast to fully automatic turrets where many changes need to be made when changing mandrels sizes, the Daco PLD takes no longer to set than a standard die cutter other than the mandrel change.

‘To date it has delivered a 35% reduction in production time on every job we have run.  The simplicity of operation and the facility to store the different job settings are a real plus for quick setting up from different mandrel sizes.   Output from the PLD is quite surprising and has gone way beyond our expectations.  The only problem we need to cover now is how to box the finished product quickly enough’ commented Steve Henshall, Production Director of Datamark UK.

Datamark UK take printed work from their Edale Alpha flexographic label press and all small roll production such as weigh scale labels etc. are finished on the Daco PLD, larger rolls are finished on their inspection / slitter rewinder.  Daco designed the die station to accept tooling form the Edale Alpha and from an existing rotary die cutter they already utilised.

The Daco PLD is available in 250mm (10”) and 350mm (13.75”) and rewind mandrels from 19mm (3/4”) to 76mm (3”).  The machine can be used for rewinding of printed work or with the addition of a rotary die station(s) is a very efficient machine for plain label production.