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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greater consumer protection with end-to-end product tracking for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Grey market codes combat brand erosion and parallel trading in unlabelled cosmetics and deliver real-time checks for pharmaceutical products. The PMP (Production Management Platform) from Atlantic  Zeiser is a new scalable software solution for controlling modern production and shipping processes for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging. Being exhibited at FachPack 2012 it is based on comprehensive product tracking (Track & Trace) and measures to combat counterfeiting (Anti-Counterfeiting) and the grey market (Anti-Diversion) to successfully counteract product piracy.

Checking, reporting and comparing: these are the basic steps involved in verifying cosmetic and pharmaceutical products and tracking them throughout the logistics chain. PMP (Production Management Platform), the new software to be presented by the Atlantic Zeiser Group at FachPack 2012, combines brand and consumer security, offering complete product tracking and protection against counterfeiting and diversion. PMP controls the entire production, labeling, shipping and returns process in line with stringent security standards. The packaging carries not only information, but also various codes and other features of branded products. At FachPack in Nuremberg on 25 - 27 September 2012, the company will be demonstrating a range of new solutions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Find Atlantic Zeiser at Stand 117 in Hall 4.

Grey market products cost the cosmetics industry millions. They may reduce the credibility of, and inflict long-term damage to, a brand reputation built up over a period of many years. When branded products enter a parallel trade, they can be sold by discount retailers at significantly reduced prices. They create undesirable competition for premium sales channels established through major investment, and start to erode brand value.

In the case of pharmaceutical products, the primary concern is the potentially serious consequences for patients. Consumers believe they are buying a genuine product, but if it is a counterfeit, they cannot be sure of its effectiveness or what it contains.

To tell a genuine product from a fake, you need reliable verification features on the packaging that guarantee a product is genuine. PMP uses interfaces to access the relevant data on all levels of a production or logistics system and makes them available as required in real time during the individual process stages for seamless checking. PMP also offers individual reports and audit functions and comes with a built-in random number generator to create unique product ID codes that can be checked during shipping and at the point of sale.

As pharmaceutical manufacturers operate on a global scale, they are required to comply with a variety of coding specifications in different countries. PMP provides the optimum database application for complex code management, allowing the user to generate, manage, verify and track different codes depending on the country and region.

Real-time verification with PMP Track & Trace
The PMP Track & Trace software module logs all actions on every production unit or machine involved in the production process. This ensures that all data and information on ingredients used and their batch numbers, on machines, production lines, factories as well as shipping, final destination and customer can be comprehensively recorded and tracked. In addition, all actions are assigned reliable time stamps providing seamless traceability and reconstruction of the production process. Derived properties such as the expiry date or unique identification features like serialization numbers are linked directly to the corresponding product packaging.

A random number generator ensures the allocation of a unique serial number or a corresponding code. This ensures full product traceability based on the identification features assigned. The packaging data provides sufficient information for the verification process across the entire production and supply chain. The latest interface solutions guarantee secure real-time data exchange.

PMP Track & Trace also provides secure interfaces for the actual verification processes that permit the transmission of exported product codes via various media (e.g. secure Internet connection / dedicated line, GSM, etc.). PMP Track & Trace verifies that the codes received are genuine, and returns the result immediately. The data transfers are securely encrypted and carried out in real time. Modern media such as smartphones can also be used and the verification processes can be initiated from any location.

Extra guarantee with AZ Trust Centre
The services of a trust centre are often used to generate serial numbers or grey market codes, particularly if the carton printing is being carried out by a supplier. Atlantic Zeiser operates its own AZ Trust Center that guarantees unique codes for long time intervals, as well as the secure storage and management of the codes and numbers. This simplifies the processes within the production site considerably as it is not then necessary to generate these codes or ensure that the codes are unique.

To discover the company’s complete range of products, systems and services, visit www.atlanticzeiser.com