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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Latest updates from Labelexpo India

Fujifilm Sericol debuts latest products for Indian market

Fujifilm Sericol India (stall H16) will be showing a number of its products for the first time in the Indian market including the Uvivid UV narrow web product range for the label industry.

UVivid Flexo Supernova White is an ultra-opaque flexo printable ink that can replace rotary screen white ink and allows fine text and opaque solids to be combined on the same plate. Also being highlighted are its High Opacity UVivid Flexo Colours. The special high opaque UVivid flexo colour matched shades produce opaque prints on clear film label materials without the need for a backing white, which can be hard to register, and allow opaque solids and text to be printed in a single pass. Its shrink Sleeve White is an opaque white ink that has been specially designed for reverse printing onto shrink sleeve labels. It combines the necessary slip properties with high opacity and can withstand high shrinkage without cracking. In addition to these products, the UVivid range includes innovative flexo colour inks (available as Pantone, process or metallic colours), rotary screen and flat screen products developed specifically for the label industry.

Gallus - greater customer proximity and new innovations

For the first time the Gallus Group (stall E21) will participate at Labelexpo India 2012 with its own and regional Gallus Sales and Service Organization – Gallus India Private Limited – and demonstrate the clear focus on local customer proximity.

Furthermore, Gallus will unveil numerous innovations live at Labelexpo India 2012. The growth of a broader middle class in India is having a long-term impact on packaging markets and the demand for packaged goods. These developments, in turn, are boosting demand for high-quality labels and local manufacturing facilities. Gallus is therefore expanding its network of sales and service centres in India to ensure a local service for label printers in India. The newly founded company is headquartered in Mumbai and has branches in Bangalore and soon in Delhi. It is responsible for the markets of southern Asia, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. At present, nine specialists in sales, customer service and application support are working at Gallus India Pvt. Ltd.

Kodak demonstrates packaging solutions

Kodak (stall A32) will showcase its strength of packaging solutions at the show with a focus on Prepress and Digital Flexo NX plates for flexographic printing along with its offset and proofing solution.

Kodak Unified Workflow, Prepress and Digital Flexo NX plates for flexographic printing are designed to enable customers to print better and drive business growth through increased impact and production efficiencies, opening new doors for flexographic printers and service providers. One of the key solutions that will be highlighted at the show is Kodak Flexcel NX System; a complete solution for digital plate making that enables printers/converters to push the boundaries of flexo printing. Flexcel NX System delivers unique imaging technology and innovative materials that enable unprecedented image quality, stability and predictability in prepress and the pressroom.

Fife introduces powerful web guide for global applications

Maxcess (stall I28), a global leader in innovative products and services for the web handling industry, has just announced the release of the FIFE-500 Web Guiding System.

The compact new system features a color touch screen display similar to those seen in popular smart phone devices and intuitive operation via multiple languages or icons that are easy to understand. Central to the FIFE-500 is a color touch screen display that’s easy to learn and operate. The FIFE-500 supports 13 languages, 90 degree rotation of the screen, and intuitive icon-based operation. The system also features an advanced processor and an optional splice table to further improve efficiency during roll changes. Maxcess helps the web handling industry maximize productivity with convenient access to innovative products and services worldwide. By bringing together the leading brands of MAGPOWR, Fife and Tidland, Maxcess has built an unrivaled network of application experts with over 170 years combined experience to help customers improve efficiency and production quality anywhere in the world.

Martin Automatic showing MBSC butt splicer

Martin Automatic (stall E17) will exhibit its newest non-stop unwind for narrow web label printers, the MBSC butt splicer at Labelexpo India 2012.
The MBSC is designed for web widths to 330mm, and combines Martin’s patented lift-and-load roll-loading feature, inertia-compensated tension control, multi-substrate splice unit, and reliable controls into a compact fully automatic splicer.  The MBSC is affordable, practical and a smart upgrade that quickly improves productivity on an existing or new press. A range of Martin Automatic technology will be featured at The Technology Bar, hosted by Weldon Celloplast Limited. The Technology Bar is designed to help Indian label and packaging converters respond to the challenges of this growing market by presenting technical and high-value solutions to expand their businesses.

Lucky graphics ties up with Max Pro (Bodhi Professional Solutions)

Lucky Graphics (stall J7) will be showing a range of technology solutions to the Indian market for the packaging segment. It will be launching and showing MaxColor for the first time in India along with its MaxPro solution. MaxColor is an option within the MaxPro suite of applications that has been developed to help reduce the amount of inks/print stations used on press by changing/replacing existing colors. The overall benefits include increased image color vibrancy, lower ink usage and better registration (due to reduced print stations). Specifically aimed at packaging printers, MaxColor tool reduces the number of color separations by replacing one or more colors in a normal CMYK separation with one spot color.  The tool is aimed at those who often use Pantone colors to match specific brand colors, and can therefore also use them to enhance the overall image.

New bonus HST doctor blades from Convertech

Convertech Equipment Pvt Ltd (stall E5), an ISO 9001:2008 certified company manufacturing high quality lamella type steel doctor blades, is pleased to launch a new line of high performance doctor blades. Bonus – HST is a unique offering, the Sureprint HST is a long running doctor blade having superior rigidity and uniform wear enabling fine doctoring at high speeds and low pressure. Suitable for gravure and flexographic printing, these blades offer trouble free printing even with poor print setup. They are especially suitable for mitigating hazing issues and reducing breaking of blade ends due to uneven cylinder ends.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Jim Reiman to Speak on “Anti-counterfeiting and Security Solutions for Brand Protection” at Labelexpo

Jim Reiman, the director of sales for Sun Chemical’s Brand Protection business, will give a presentation called “Anti-counterfeiting and Security Solutions for Brand Protection” on Tuesday, September 11th at 4 p.m. at Labelexpo Americas 2012.

As brand owners continue using packaging as an important vehicle to strengthen brand identity and share their sales messages, there is equal concern of counterfeiting - a significant global problem worth approximately $1.65 trillion globally.

Packaging can be an important key to anti-counterfeiting measures by brand owners, and Reiman will explain how a brand protection program can be implemented to reduce the risk of counterfeiting.

“Brand owners and consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of critical supply chains,” Reiman said. “Those particularly at risk include products such as pharma, cosmetics, personal care, distilled spirits, tobacco, etc. There are very few other industries untouched by counterfeiting, adulteration, diversion and tampering. Our brand protection offerings at Sun Chemical can further improve security options for our customers.”

During the presentation, Reiman will be joined by Michael L. Agee, the director of Brand Protection Programs at The Label Printers, and Jeffrey Gottlieb from Zumba Fitness, LLC, who will talk about what label printers and brand owners are doing to combat the counterfeiting problem.

Sun Chemical Brand Protection Solutions
Sun Chemical offers a variety of covert and overt security solutions to ensure brand integrity on packaging. Sun Chemical's Verigard security product is a proprietary machine-readable covert taggant system used to protect some of the world’s most recognized consumer products from counterfeiting and diversion.

Verigard is Sun Chemical’s highest level security system and authenticity is ensured by using the V400 handheld reader. Other innovative covert, machine readable authentication products are available to address counterfeit, diversion and smuggling issues.

Hybrid Software to showcase Order Lifecycle Management (OLM) software solutions at Labelexpo 2012

At Labelexpo Americas, Hybrid Software (booth #6314) will announce its partnerships with OKI Data Americas and Xeikon, and showcase its range of Order Lifecycle Management (OLM) software solutions. Developed to provide easy, comprehensive connectivity between web-to-print, MIS, and production systems, OLM software solutions can help streamline production and improve production efficiencies.

As print buyers reduce inventories and employ just-in-time practices, the label printing industry is seeing reduced job run lengths, along with a concurrent increase in the number of individual jobs. The greater acceptance of digital print (by both printers and customers) has accelerated this trend, and has also increased the need for jobs to be processed as efficiently as possible to assure profitability.

At the same time, the nature of orders for premedia and print has evolved. In addition to traditional quotations and print bidding, companies now receive orders from sources such as web-to-print portals, online search engines, and computerized EDI procurement systems. Hybrid Software’s OLM products address the entire production workflow, from online ordering to delivery, integrating with most popular MIS systems, databases, and production systems. Rather than requiring extensive, customized software development from IT consultants, Hybrid Software solutions provide “integration as a product”: all the tools to make the process easier for inhouse IT departments to map data and implement cohesive production systems.

Hybrid Software announces new partnerships
Hybrid Software will be announcing the use of their print management technologies as front end systems for two major digital engine vendors, OKI Data Americas (booth #1350) and Xeikon (booth # 6135).  The systems provide full production management for digital label printers including order management, production ticketing, graphics management, production output, archiving, and reporting.

New applications featured at Labelexpo
Hybrid Software’s announcements at LabelExpo include the worldwide launch of Pipeline v2.0,  an integration application that allows users to easily share job information from a wide range of otherwise disparate and disconnected graphic arts production systems, such as web-to-print portals, MIS/ERP systems, and premedia workflows. Pipeline v2.0 connects directly to third-party applications that use databases and makes it possible for users to share data from each system to avoid duplication data entry. By interfacing directly with all production systems, it ensures that a change in one system—such as a software upgrade or database schema change—is self-contained and does not affect other production systems.

Hybrid Software will also demonstrate its new Taskforce Scheduler, a highly configurable scheduling system for prepress and graphics production that integrates with MIS and ERP systems to download a feed of jobs and due dates. It then maps available resources to insure that the jobs are produced on time with the available manpower and equipment.

Labelexpo is also the venue of the first North American demonstration of Proofscope Live, an online tool for remote softproofing and, uniquely, remote file corrections and last-minute changes.

Complete OLM product line on display
In addition, Hybrid will also demonstrate all of the other pieces from its complete OLM product line:

Facelift is a web-based custom job ticketing and automation application providing transparent integration between otherwise disparate production workflow systems, MIS/ERP systems, third-party websites, external databases and other sources of digitally-held data. Facelift can act as an intermediary tool to quickly and seamlessly map data, while providing a customizable interface for production operators. It offers CSRs (and customers) total transparency of what is happening to a job, between the initial order and its delivery. Users can create their own templates to encompass every stage of the order’s lifecycle, regardless of the printing process or product being produced. 

Frontdesk is a web-to-print portal offering a user-friendly and optimized interface between label printers and their customers. With Facelift, customers are given powerful file upload and download services, plus comprehensive job interaction from on-line ordering through all stages of tracking, proofing and approvals to delivery of the completed work. Optional components include Proofscope, which provides integrated softproofing and annotation via its powerful HTML 5 architecture, and Proofscope Live. 

Fileforce connects multiple production or print sites within an enterprise, allowing print providers to benefit from the enormous efficiencies that can be obtained by load balancing and file sharing between sites.  Fileforce does not require a centralized file server or DAM system, but instead works in conjunction with local file servers at each location.

“Hybrid Software offers label printers an affordable, flexible and extremely powerful solution for integrating and streamlining the entire production process. All of our products operate via web browser technology and provide vendor-independent solutions for Order Lifecycle Management, based on industry standards such as JDF/JMF and SQL,” explains Mike Rottenborn, President & CEO at Hybrid Software. “Our products unite previously-isolated systems such as premedia, MIS, planning, accounting, administration and move into an easy-to-use, device-agnostic environment that streamlines production, reduces internal costs and improves profitability. Most important, our products provide software-based solutions for the integration needs of all printers, which is far more stable, easy-to-implement, and supportable than custom software development. It’s why so many tag and label printers, large and small, have reached out to Hybrid Solutions for help.”

EFI delivers amazing, precise and consistent color with Fiery Color Profiler Suite 4.0

EFI, a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today announced the availability of Fiery Color Profiler Suite 4.0, specifically designed to deliver precise color matching even for novice operators. Fiery Color Profiler Suite 4.0 includes innovative spot color optimization features and the brand new EFI ES-2000 spectrophotometer that accurately measures color from any paper type under any lighting condition.

"Consistent color quality is a top issue for us and our clients," says Marc Finkel, EFI customer and founder of Influent Solutions in Las Vegas. "Fiery Color Profiler Suite is a comprehensive suite of color management tools that solve these problems, and the new features in version 4.0 will help make accurate color reproduction even easier."

With Color Profiler Suite 4.0, even less experienced users can produce color profiles that allow them to quickly and easily meet or exceed customer expectations for color precision and accuracy on an expanded range of supported printers, including Fiery-driven wide-format inkjet printers for proofing and production. Color Profiler Suite is now integrated at every stage of the Fiery workflow, and includes a free three-month subscription to Fiery Dashboard, a cloud-based solution that reports metrics including color quality with tracking and trending tools that compare color accuracy and variation among print engines over time.

"In an increasingly competitive and demanding digital printing environment," said John Henze, vice president of marketing for EFI's Fiery division, "EFI is committed to bringing to market innovative tools and solutions that will differentiate print service providers and improve both profitability and their ability to garner the utmost in client satisfaction. Fiery Color Profiler Suite 4.0 and its integration with Fiery Dashboard is evidence of that dedication in action."

Fiery Color Profiler Suite 4.0 includes:

Next-Generation Spectrophotometer Support
Color Profiler Suite 4.0 supports the new EFI ES-2000 spectrophotometer, providing the ultimate in accuracy, versatility, and value. One single device can now be used to accurately measure color from any paper type under any lighting condition.

Full Control Over Profile Generation
Color Profiler Suite 4.0 features an average measurement workflow that helps to unify color output, minimizing the effects of erroneous measurements and print engine color fluctuations in the final ICC profile.

Color Quality Control
The Enhanced Color Verifier Assistant verifies color precision on a job-by-job basis from Fiery Command WorkStation and informs users when their color quality is declining. Measurement data is also sent to Fiery Dashboard so that operators and management can track and trend color accuracy among all engines in the print facility over time.

Spot Color Optimization
Using Command WorkStation's Spot Color tool in conjunction with Color Profiler Suite 4.0, users can colorimetrically optimize spot color matches on specific media, achieving the most accurate spot color matching possible.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite 4.0 comes with a one-year support and maintenance agreement that ensures that users receive updates ad product upgrades at no additional cost.

Xeikon Appoints Channel Manager for ThermoFlexX products in North America

Xeikon announced that it has appointed Rick Mix as the Channel Manager for its ThermoFlexX product line in North America. Rick comes to Xeikon with over 20 years of industry experience and a strong background in flexographic and letterpress technologies. He graduated from Eastern Illinois University and earned an MBA from Loyola University, Chicago. His credentials include working for several suppliers in the industry and being the technical director for the FTA (Flexographic Technical Association).

"My top priority is to develop a successful distribution strategy for the ThermoFlexX products in North America. This product line of reliable, high quality digital imagers for flexo and letterpress plate making has great capabilities. I'm glad to be offered the opportunity to organize its commercialization in North America and to work for Xeikon."

Michael V. Ring, President Xeikon America & VP of WW Marketing adds: "Rick is ideally suited to lead our sales efforts in the North American region. He brings extensive knowledge and experience in the flexo and letterpress printing industry, both in technical and commercial aspects. Rick's appointment supports Xeikon's focus to be a leader in the label & packaging industry."

By adding the ThermoFlexX product line, Xeikon is expanding its CtP business into the flexographic and letterpress markets, further reinforcing Xeikon's commitment to the label and packaging markets. Xeikon is the only equipment manufacturer capable of offering solutions for both flexo platemaking and digital label and package printing. Digital printing provides the perfect answer for short and medium runs as well as quick turnaround times, while the long runs continue to rely on flexographic printing.

6th International Conference on Anti-counterfeiting & Anti-piracy

Counterfeiting and Piracy are two of the fastest growing economic crimes in the world today. They threaten the economies of developed and developing countries alike, undermine trading relations, endanger public health and safety and affect new investment for economic growth. They affect all categories of products, but the impact is very high in sectors / product categories like fast moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobile and aircraft parts, music, publishing, software, telecom, cosmetics, personal care, beverages etc.

To address the above issues, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing a two day International Conference on “Anti-Counterfeiting & Anti-Piracy “on 6-7 September 2012 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Andheri, Mumbai. The main objectives of the conference will be to highlight the economic and social issues/damages due to counterfeiting and piracy, to discuss the issues involved in combating counterfeiting (policy and enforcement related), to discuss sector specific issues and share case studies, to strengthen enforcement (lessons from Global Practices), to identify the role of technology in anti-counterfeiting and to chalk out strategies for industry.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The pressure-sensitive label waste stream: AWA guide to management and recycling options

Waste management in the pressure-sensitive label industry is a high-visibility and broad-ranging topic that is currently challenging the entire value chain - from brand owners and retailers through label printers and labelstock laminators, to raw material suppliers. New from AWA Alexander Watson Associates  is an AWAreness Report designed to help point the way to identifying appropriate solutions for all concerned:  Pressure-sensitive Label Waste Management Report.

What constitutes label waste?
The sustainability agenda has focused attention on many items within the broader definition of packaging, but pressure-sensitive labels’ complex value chain and laminate construction create challenges on recycling at various levels.   These include laminate manufacturing waste, press set-up waste, adhesive-coated matrix waste and – perhaps of the greatest concern today – spent release liner.   Release liners – both paper and film – are key contributors to successful pressure-sensitive labeling.  They are high-value products that can be recycled.  

The available options
All these aspects of pressure-sensitive label waste are discussed in this concise study, which clearly sets out the options available – material downgauging,  linerless labels, coating, laminating and printing labelstock in one machine pass, cradle-to-cradle recycling for reuse, and recycling for alternative uses.   The status quo of legislation around the world, change drivers and change barriers are all discussed, as a prologue to identifying the physical problems around collection of label waste, and defining where the ownership of instigating such collection should reside. The study concludes with an up-to-the-minute review of companies globally who are offering waste management solutions of all kinds for users of pressure-sensitive labels.

AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ Pressure-sensitive Label Waste Management Report is a timely publication prepared to assist the pressure-sensitive label industry at all levels in mapping out a route to responsible – and sometimes financially-rewarding – management of its various waste streams.   The report is available now to order via the AWA Alexander Watson Associates website, www.awa-bv.com, where details of the company’s full portfolio of market reports and events concerning the pressure-sensitive label industry may also be found.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chesapeake invests in new Gidue M5 Digital Flexo 3.0 press

Chesapeake, a leading global packaging manufacturer, has invested in a new Gidue M5 Digital Flexo 3.0 label press which will be installed in one of its UK plants later in the year. Mike Cheetham, Chesapeake’s CEO, commented, “The new Gidue press will support our ambitious growth plans. The capabilities of this press will help to extend the range of labels we produce particularly complex designs requiring a high number of colours, 3 or even 5 ply formats as well as using multiple substrates for the same label. The Gidue press is also equipped with many quality control features which will help us strengthen the quality and service levels we deliver to our customers.”

The M5 Digital Flexo 3.0 press is equipped with 10 UV flexo print units and incorporates advanced HD camera technology (Print Tutor) on each print unit. This checks each printed label for colour consistency and “self-adjusts” print pressure, density and print register through the use of 7 servo driven motors on each unit. Machine set-up is fully automated, print quality is monitored and adjusted at any manufacturing speed across a full range of substrates.

Mr. Federico d’Annunzio, MD of Nuova Gdiue S.r.l. comments: “Chesapeake is a large business with a global vision of the label and packaging industry. A dedicated Gidue support team, in cooperation with GPS Ltd, Nuova Gidue UK sales and service partner, worked together with its management team to target the highest possible quality levels. Chesapeake is an ideal partner to develop innovative quality solutions which will offer its customers’ even greater product reassurance.”

Kodak Teams up with MPS and Reproflex3 for Exciting “Do More with 4” Live Demo at Labelexpo Americas

Kodak, MPS and Reproflex3 (R3) will host an exciting live demonstration of the latest trend in flexographic printing at the upcoming Labelexpo event in Chicago. Designed to demonstrate the power of spot color reduction for everyday flexographic print production, the collaboration will reveal how recent developments in prepress, plate and press technology can drive outstanding efficiencies in label production without sacrificing print quality and brand integrity.

“It’s time to think differently about flexo printing with only four colors,” said Kodak’s Dr. John Anderson, Packaging Segment Director, Americas Region. “A spotless workflow is finally here that allows you to ‘Do More with 4’ than you ever imagined, and it can revolutionize the way you plan daily production, bringing flexibility and significant cost benefits. Kodak’s revolutionary digital flexo plate technology brings outstanding consistency, predictability and quality to flexographic printing and provides the solid foundation upon which the ‘Do More with 4’ concept is built.”

R3 has worked with printers, brands and retailers extensively over the past 15 years. “Recognizing the value that Spotless Printing Technology provides, R3 is delighted to be part of demonstrating just what a world without spot colors would look like,” noted Andrew Hewitson, Joint Managing Director, R3, the UK-based pre-media specialists and leading proponents of a fixed color palette spotless workflow. “Successful implementation is all about collaboration and a system approach. With the right partnership in place, brands and printers alike can take full advantage of printing with fewer spot colors, without sacrificing the allimportant package design and color fidelity.”

The demonstration, which is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12, with feature presentations at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm, will feature Kodak Flexcel NX Plates and the Kodak Spotless Flexographic Solution, together with the latest MPS EF-410 Press. “The traditional technical key barriers of color gamut, image quality, consistency and registration have been overcome,” commented Eric Hoendervangers, Director at MPS. “Our next-generation printing presses are ideal for working with Spotless Printing Technology, as print consistency and repeatability are facts. Thanks to MPS’s full press automation and job memory, high-quality printing is within reach for everybody.”

The joint demonstration takes place at the MPS booth #927 and guides the audience through a real-world production scenario from prepress to print, with a spotless workflow. The event promises to be a “must see” at the show.

MPS builds printing and converting machines for the self-adhesive and packaging printing market. MPS is responsible for a large number of revolutionary innovations like Crisp.Dot Flexo printing, Quick Change Die, Automated Process Control (APC), including Job Memory and automatic plate mounting. A user-friendly interface including iControl guarantees optimal operator satisfaction. The presses are developed with the absolute focus on print quality and the lowest cost per 1,000 labels.

R3 is a Pre Media, Packaging Specialist based in the UK. Believing that they are more than just a repro or platemaking supplier R3, over the past 15 years, has developed a service which gives its clients a pre-press direction and a repro tool kit which drives efficiency and quality. They do this by working closely with all the pre-press elements of the flexographic print process and their extensive knowledge of workflows and colour management.

As the world’s foremost imaging innovator, Kodak helps consumers, businesses, and creative professionals unleash the power of images, information, and printing to enrich their lives. In the graphic communications industry, Kodak serves customers in the printing, publishing, packaging and enterprise markets with intelligent solutions for competitive advantage and greater return on investment.

FTA Selects Theme, Unveils Logo for 2013 Annual Forum

More than 1,600 flexographic printing professionals will descend on San Diego, CA on April 28 - May 1, 2013 for FTA’s 55th Annual Forum. Next year’s theme, “Right Here. Right Now.” will be the focus of the four-day affair.

Billed as the industry’s premier learning and networking event, the 2013 technical conference is chaired by Bob Mullen, Sun Chemical Corp. and Pepper Stokes, Robbie Fantastic Flexibles.

“The theme of >>Right Here. Right No<< was selected because it is the crux of the proceedings,” said Mullen. “Everything you need to know to maximize and sustain success in today’s challenging and ever-changing print environment will be discussed, right here (in San Diego) and right now (April 28-May 1).”

The Marriott, Marquis & Marina - Forum Headquarters - recently completed a $200 million renovation, including 1,360 remodeled rooms and suites with sweeping bay views of the hotel’s private marina on San Diego Bay.

Steps away is the convention center, where Forum’s sister event, the INFO*FLEX Exhibition will take place. Both venues are minutes from the world-famous San Diego Zoo and close to the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter entertainment district and Seaport Village. Both are known for world-class dining and nightlife.

FTA is currently accepting abstracts for inclusion on the conference program. Those interested can submit their abstracts before the Sept. 21 deadline.

Standard Register, first to achieve UL In-Mold Labeling Certification

Standard Register, a leader in the management and execution of mission-critical communications, is the first company to be certified under a new Underwriters Laboratories(UL) certification program for In-Mold Labeling (IML).

As an expansion of UL Marking and Labeling Systems Certification offerings, the IML program was designed to support label manufacturers, including Standard Register, who develop durable, flexible and permanent in-mold labels that display safety-related information on UL certified products. In-mold labeling has been used for years to decorate and provide information on various consumer products sold in plastic containers, including food, cosmetics and cleaning supplies. To accommodate the use of IMLs on durable goods submitted for certification, UL developed a Marking and Labeling System program specifically for IMLs.

“The Standard Register Company is trusted by the world’s leading companies to advance their reputations by aligning their communications with corporate standards and priorities,” said Steve McDonell, vice president, Engineering and Sustainability for Standard Register. “By participating in this new program Standard Register demonstrates its commitment to help our customers communicate warning information and provide durable and attractive additions to their products using in-mold labels that meet UL rigorous permanence of marking requirements.”

Standard Register offers labeling and decorating solutions through its next generation IML technology, such as its Grafilm In-Mold Labeling System, a patented family of products that mechanically bonds a label to the substrate, rather than traditional chemical bond, allowing to conformability to irregular product surfaces, meeting UL precise requirements.

To receive certification, Standard Register was evaluated in accordance with the same safety standards used to evaluate pressure-sensitive labels, including the Standard for Marking & Labeling Systems, UL 969 and the CSA Standard for Adhesive Labels, C22.2 No. 0.15.

“At UL, we understand how important it is to convey critical safety information to consumers, and for over four decades we have been working with label manufacturers to test and certify their labels for safe use. As new label types have come to market, UL has developed new programs to ensure that safety marking on products continue to comply with applicable performance requirements,” said Manish Bhatnagar, VP and GM, UL Global Chemicals Industry. “As a result we are excited to announce our new In-mold Label Testing Program, and are pleased to have Standard Register be the first customer to meet these new requirements.”

Muller Martini's VSOP on display at Label Expo

From September 11-13, Muller Martini will be in Chicago at Label Expo Americas to showcase its innovative Variable Sleeve Offset Printing press (VSOP), which provides a one-stop solution for a variety of packaging needs, including shrink sleeves, wet-glue, wrap-around and in-mold labels; films, laminates and food packaging; liquid packaging; and carton printing.

The VSOP features a unique sleeve technology which allows print sizes to be changed without having to remove entire inserts, making the process quick, simple, and highly efficient considering the infinite variety of print lengths inherent in packaging. In addition, the press delivers the first-class printing quality needed to meet the demanding requirements of the packaging market.

Muller’s new generation VSOP features an impressive list of functionality and operational advancements, including:

New ergonomic construction, allowing for easier machine access for sleeve changes and daily operation
Innovative electronic control technology utilizing fewer components for greater machine reliability
Efficient external roller setting feature reduces the initial and operational roller setting time by half
Optimized ink train design delivers consistently reproducible ink settings
Modular design philosophy enables flexible machine configurations for a wide range of hybrid packaging printing applications
At Label Expo Americas, Muller Martini’s booth will display a VSOP print tower which has been modified with a see-through doorway. This provides booth visitors a unique perspective to the VSOP’s changeover technology. The demonstration reveals how easy and fast it is to change the sleeves and begin a new job.

The VSOP’s flexibility and proficiency make it the most dynamic web press technology available in today’s packaging market, affording numerous opportunities for label, flexible packaging, folding carton, and packaging printers to grow their business.

Label Expo Americas takes place September 11-13 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). Muller Martini will be at Booth #820.