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Monday, January 22, 2018

Gallus Labelmaster – Successful launch in China end of 2017

At the beginning of December last year, Heidelberg China and Gallus Shanghai jointly organized a launch event for the Gallus Labelmaster in China, which took place in the Print Media Center in Shanghai. Around 160 guests from label print shops in China and Region Asia as well as media journalists attended the event. They were able to watch live demos of the Gallus Labelmaster in label production and experienced a new height in leading label printing.

“We are extremely optimistic about the future development of packaging and label printing in China”, explains Benny Huang, CEO of Heidelberg China. “In recent years, with an increasing middle class and accelerating urbanization processes, there are more and more specific requirements on packaging and label. It is our duty to continue providing high quality products and services for packaging and label print shops in China.” Asia has become the fastest growing label market in the world. It is expected that by 2019, the Asian label market will have increased by 5.5%, in which the growth rate of self-adhesive labels will reach 6.3%.

“Owing to the higher cost of raw materials and labor today, print shops are paying more attention to productivity”, describes Teddy Jiang, General Manager of Gallus Shanghai. “At the same time, influenced by consumers and branding goods manufacturers, packaging and label printing is moving towards short run, multiple orders and product diversification.”

Since entering the Chinese market nearly ten years ago, Gallus has sold over 100 machines. Together with Heidelberg China Gallus will introduce their machines to more Chinese customers.

“Less Complexity, more Flexibility” is exactly the innovation concept defined by Gallus for the Gallus Labelmaster. Modules such as flexo printing, screen printing, cold foil, die cutting etc. can be freely selected and configured, thus enabling the press to be customized to suit any specific requirement of label print shops. The unique modularity of the Labelmaster meets all popular needs on the market, from commodity labels to sophisticated, high-finished products.

As already mentioned by Benny Huang, investment security and customer success are the highest goals of Heidelberg and Gallus, which will be achieved by the cooperation of these two companies.