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Eminence Business Media

Monday, January 22, 2018

Milan-based Grafiche MG srl invests in Roland 706 3B LV Evolution

Trust, High Quality and Flexibility - Those are the three characteristics for which Milan-based Grafiche MG srl is well-known. As it looks to a future filled with promise, the Italian pharmaceutical packaging printer is determined to maintain its hard-earned reputation for trust, high quality and flexibility.

"Having been in the market for more than half a century, we are growing sustainably, thanks to the technological innovations that enable us to always offer the right solutions to any requests from our customers," says Mr. Danilo Dogliotti, the company's owner. Grafiche MG srl manufactures boxes and display boxes for the pharmaceutical industry.

According to Mr. Dogliotti, three Manroland Sheetfed offset presses - Roland 702 PLV, Roland 704 and Roland 706 LV - have enabled Grafiche MG srl to meet all kinds of customer requests in terms of lead time, quality and quantity. "Trust, high quality and flexibility are our strong points and our long-term focus," he adds.

In order to ensure its products meet the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry, Grafiche MG srl pays attention to every detail of the operation - from choosing the raw materials, closely monitoring each stage of the work flow, exploring the latest packaging printing technologies to transforming each customer's original design into packaging.

"We have a long history but what we are most interested in is the future," Mr. Dogliotti says. "We have always been proud of the printing technological innovations that allows us to satisfy our customers' needs not only today, but also in the future."

Anticipating future trends and challenges, the company recently decided to invest in a Roland 706 3B LV Evolution - the future-oriented, award-winning sheetfed offset from Manroland Sheetfed.

Mr. Dogliotti says the investment is necessary because "we want to become more and more a reference for customers, flexibly respond to the changing market situation, and be more proactive at every stage of the production process." The Roland 706 3B LV Evolution will further enable Grafiche MG srl to meet customers' requirement for premium quality despite tight production deadlines both for jobs of short runs and jobs up to millions of pieces.