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Eminence Business Media

Friday, January 5, 2018

Wipak Group acquires 4 slitters Comexi S1 DT

Comexi, specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging industry, and Wipak Group, manufacturers of highly innovative premium-quality packaging solutions, reinforce its strategic alliance. Wipak Group has just acquired 4 Comexi S1 DT slitters, which joints the rest of Comexi’s slitters and laminators that the firm has already installed at its several productive plants all around the world.

The alliance between Wipak and Comexi dates back to 2005 when the global group purchased its first Comexi slitter. Nowadays, with these new acquisitions, the firm doubled its confidence in Comexi. Three of the new S1 DT will be integrated with the other Comexi’s slitters that the group has already working in its Walsrode plant, in Germany, in order to complete the automation project in its slitting section. The fourth slitter Comexi S1 DT will be installed in the Wipak Group plant in Poland.

“They are slitters completely automatic, with high added value, dedicated to the conversion of flexible laminates and semi rigid materials such as the ones used for the food packaging. Materials that only innovative enterprises like Wipak develops”, explains Comexi’s Key Account Manager, Agustí Combis. In this sense, Combis ensures that with this new agreement, Wipak puts in value Comexi’s capacity to offer innovative solutions and its flexibility to adapt to any requirement and improve clients’ competitiveness. Besides, Combis also highlights that another Comexi’s slitter and rewinder, purchased earlier by the group, has been recently delivered to Wipak Nastola.

The Comexi S1 DT slitter ensures excellent results, both in quality and productivity, even in the most challenging jobs. Is a top-of-the-range double turret slitting machine with regulating and control elements that allows high production rates in the most demanding jobs or jobs that have many output reels, such as those intended for the labels market. It also handles easily thicker structures, aluminums, or non-woven materials.

This slitter also provides a real reading of the tension since it has independent motors for each turret. Searching for quality does not mean compromising productivity, and that is why this slitter provides high production rate thanks to the spectacular acceleration ramps, which enable working with higher average speed and reduce downtimes.

In this sense, it is ergonomic and easily operated thanks to its PC Touch-Panels that set the machine’s pace and store production data. This slitter can be adapted to each client’s need with several automation options such as automated reel unloading, splicing tables, print mark counters and the Comexi Laser system that mark the difference and multiplies the range of possibilities and applications.