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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Troika Systems celebrates 21 years in business

In December 2017, Troika Systems Ltd. ploughed through a landmark moment by reaching 21 years in business. As a company Troika have been through many changes and developments in those years. Starting off as a one man business in the spare room of its founders home, Phil Hall has taken the company from its humble beginnings to become the global leader in providing state of the art quality control 2D & 3D Microscopes for the flexographic and gravure print packaging industry.

AniCAM with its QC products measure the surface profile of the anilox rolls, gravure cylinders, sleeves and plates used to deliver the correct volume of ink to the material to be printed helping to save press set-up time, reduce waste and increase profits. This year troika saw its largest ever single order for its flagship product the AniCAM with Anilox QC, what better way to celebrate 21 years in business.

Phil Hall, the Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Troika Systems Ltd. in the UK has been involved in the print industry for almost 40 years starting as support technician for Crossfield Electronics on the early colour separation scanners in the 1980s, then progressed into sales and marketing over the intervening years.

Phil started Troika in 1996, always having an eye for trying to improve production efficiencies, and in the last decade, with environmental considerations, reducing waste, he looked to develop products that could achieve these aims.

Working closely with a variety of universities and Troika’s excellent development team Phil has led the company to being the leader in measurement instruments, for anilox and gravure engravings, globally.

His proudest achievement was, through collaborative work with Swansea University, working out a proven accurate standard of measurement for aniloxes, this has proven to be very significant for many hundreds of individual flexo printers and major print groups who seek improved standardisation. This is the standard of measurement Phil ensured Troika adopted for its anilox and gravure QC tools.

Troika products are important for checking the integrity of anilox rolls, gravure cylinders and flexo plates before the print run to ensure good quality print output, efficiency and accuracy capturing the data and automatically collating it into easy-to- read reports with graphics for analysis. The Plate-II- Print HD units, recently modified and improved, offer customers even more accuracy and quality control over their printing flexo plates and print.  The whole Troika team support our customers with technical, training and sales advice with regards to our whole product range.

With over 900 AniCAM’s and 1000 Plate-II- Print units sold to date to the label, wide web, corrugated and security print markets globally. The AniCAM and its applications are the leading quality control management solutions on the market.