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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Temkin completes its installation of PCMC’s Meridian laser anilox cleaner

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), part of Barry-Wehmiller, is pleased to announce that Temkin International Inc.—a leader in the flexible film packaging industry located in Payson, Utah—has completed its installation of PCMC’s Meridian laser anilox cleaner.

Formerly known as the Graphbury laser anilox cleaner, the Meridian uses a powerful laser to clean anilox cells without damaging them, by vaporizing deposited particles inside of the cells. It deeply cleans chrome and ceramic rolls of any line screen without causing surface wear. The result is a superior clean, improved print quality and a longer life for anilox rolls.

“The addition of the Meridian laser anilox cleaner has significantly saved us time and money,” commented John Cowens, Director of Printing and Prepress at Temkin International. “Using our old cleaning method, we would lose volume over time, which would require us to use more expensive base inks to achieve color, as well as creating downtime to tone ink. With the Meridian laser anilox cleaner, rolls are cleaned to near full volume minus wear, which eliminates our need for adding base and toning time.”

A worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing inline and CI presses, PCMC also offers customers a commitment to quality and a dedication to service. The company acquired Graphbury Machines, LLC, in August of 2017.

“The decision to buy from PCMC was an easy one,” continued Cowens. “The Meridian has advanced laser technology and is backed by PCMC’s superior customer service and support.”

“I’m thrilled that Temkin International has had such exceptional results with the Meridian laser anilox cleaner,” said Rich Stratz, Regional Sales Manager at PCMC. “The Meridian is a great complement to the other PCMC machines that Temkin runs.”