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Friday, January 12, 2018

SinoCorrugated South 2018 receives powerful boost through strong endorsement from industry associations

Coming April, in Dongguan, the three-day SinoCorrugated South event will take place, giving businesses seeking cutting-edge equipment to facilitate smart and efficient production and high quality products an exceptional platform via which to pursue their objectives. Considered as Asia-Pacific’s leading corrugated cardboard event, SinoCorrugated South 2018, which will run from April 10 to April 12 at the GD Modern International Exhibition Centre will bring together more than 700 established participating brands displaying over 1,400 high-end and cost-effective machineries, ancillary equipment and consumables across 6 exhibition halls totally covering 80,000-square-meter.

In 2018, SinoCorrugated South will continue a long and successful tradition, which firstly began with the show’s inaugural edition in 2001, of offering corrugated manufacturers and suppliers some of their most productive innovations and new business development opportunities, strongly backed by the world’s most influential industry associations, including Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India (FCBM), the Asian Corrugated Case Association (ACCA), Perhimpunan Industry Corrugated Cardboard Indonesia (PICCI), the Malaysian Corrugated Carton Manufacturers Association (MACCMA), the Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association (CBMA, Singapore), the Hong Kong Corrugated Paper Manufacturers' Association (HKCPMA), the Korean Corrugated Packaging Case Industry Association (KCCA), La Cámara Argentina de Fabricantes de Cartón Corrugado (CAFCCO), the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) and many more.

Reed Exhibitions has extended its promotional reach by cultivating close relations with multiple industry and trade associations since early editions of its platform. Today, the SinoCorrugated series, which comprises two shows –in even years in Dongguan and in odd years in Shanghai – has grown into a highlight of the industry’s calendar both at home and abroad. The sustained year-on-year growth of both events results largely from a consistent and strong support of these influential industry bodies. Along with them, Reed Exhibitions has devoted itself for ages in making great contributions to the development of the global corrugated industry.

Several associations have pledged to organize delegations to visit SinoCorrugated South next year. Many have also cited how, as longstanding participants in SinoCorrugated events, they always appreciate the wide range of products on display and the way the show generates strong results that enhance members’ understanding of new industry trends, while they evaluate emerging innovations and solutions.

Dating back to its last edition, more than 30 international associations sent over 2,000 delegates to visit SinoCorrugated 2017 in Shanghai. Expected onsite at the 2018 edition will be industry delegations from bodies like FCBM, ACCA, PICCI, MACCMA, CBMA, HKCPMA, KCCA and AIFMP. The endorsement and active support of these top executives will bring once again considerable purchasing power to SinoCorrugated South 2018. Additionally, the 33,000 local and international visitors expected at the show will include government figures and industry professionals from the private sector. The alongside-held seminars and workshops will feature key industry thought leaders, speakers and visionaries, all at one platform. Everyone at the show will have an access to evaluating the latest innovations, ideas and solutions from across the converting world.

“Reed remains deeply committed to driving development in China’s corrugated industry, which is why we are preparing SinoCorrugated South 2018 to specifically address challenges found in carton manufacturing and processing. While pursuing our goal of shining a spotlight on the advanced and sustainable corrugated processing solutions of the future, we rely on the strong spirit of cooperation and friendship that thrives between us and our strong backup within the industry. Through a combination of resources, Reed Exhibitions and its industry trade channels across Asia provide enriching opportunities and robust platforms to manufacturers in the paper, printing and converting industry,” said Thomas Huang, Senior Vice President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China.

In parallel, Reed is also running Roadshows within Asia-Pacific regions, which entails a series of meetings with representatives from key associations within the converting industry. The campaign, which is focused on promoting SinoCorrugated South 2018 to regional corrugating markets and connecting local manufacturers with emerging industry areas, has reached a wide audience over the past. In addition to that, Reed was proud to host the 1st Asian Corrugated Industry Summit concurrently with the 21st ACCA Management Committee (Sep. 25-27). Moreover, the company will send representatives to the 46th FCBM Conference in India (Nov. 17-19), the MACCMA Annual Meeting (Nov. 16-18) and HKCPMA’s Annual Meeting (Nov. 23-25). Later on this year, Reed will host the Indonesia Corrugated Summit as well as the Myanmar Corrugated Industry Summit (Dec. 3-7) through a collaboration with PICCI and the local association respectively. Alongside the summit, local manufacturers will be taken on guided tours to visit corrugating factories in Jakarta, Surabaya and Yangon.

Next year, SinoCorrugated South will be held from 10 to 12 April at the GD Modern International Exhibition Center in Guangdong, the heart of the Pearl-River Delta and driving force of China’s packaging industry. Participants in this event are assured of joining a dynamic global platform which will feature new products, advanced technologies and innovative service solutions – all of which are integral to get along with the rapidly changing demand in today’s corrugated packaging industry.