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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AVT impressive solutions bound for Chicago's Graph Expo

Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) Ltd., today announced their line up of products they will be demonstrating at Graph Expo in Chicago from September 11th through 14th, 2011 in their booth #3250. Although AVT provides print process control, quality assurance and color control products for the packaging, labels, folding cartons and commercial print markets and the offset, digital, flexo and gravure processes, their focus at Graph Expo will be the commercial web offset market segment. Latest generation solutions will include:

ColorQuick/Clarios: Provides web offset printers who produce products like magazines, catalogs, direct mail and other commercial formats with an automated solution for closed-loop color measurement and control. The system makes fast, automatic color moves during make-ready and maintains tight control on color consistency during production. Each adjustment is based on highly accurate, spectral measurements that conform to ISO standards for graphic arts color measurement, making it especially valuable to ISO pre-press workflows like G7.

MicroColor/Mercury: Provides a proven, fully digital upgrade path for ink key control on almost any web offset press or rotary letterpress. This accurate automated tool has demonstrated make-ready improvements in print applications ranging from direct mail, to carton printing, metal decorating, and high speed web offset. Working from a touch-screen control station, operations can pre-set and control ink keys on the entire press with just a few touches on an intuitive, icon-based display. MicroColor/Mercury can improve makereadies by 30% to 50%. Mercury now supports CIP presetting, with plate preview, for both new and existing presses of almost any age and size. The system is available for single- or double- web presses, and for sheetfed presses up to 80 inches wide.

PrintVision/Neptune: This is a new 100% inspection technology designed to meet the unique requirements of commercial heat-set web production. It is an evolution of AVT's Apollo 100% inspection technology that is well known for a decade in packaging and pharmaceutical applications. Neptune's sophisticated inspection algorithms highlight the defects that are most offensive to publication and commercial print buyers – like ink and solvent drips, small blind spots on the plate, and hickies. Neptune's sensitivity can be tuned to match the degree of discrimination needed for a specific buyer, or specific classes of work. Because Neptune inspection watches each and every impression, the press crews know precisely when to start saving after a blanket wash. After the run, Neptune's PrintFlow reporting reveals tell-tale patterns of defects that give early warnings of press maintenance issues and quickly generates detailed reports on the time and location of detected defects.

Amir Dekel, Vice President of Marketing for AVT commented, "Although AVT's booth at Graph Expo focuses primarily on the commercial print market, AVT has solutions for every type of printer. We invite all those involved in packaging, labels and folding cartons to visit us also. All of AVT's print solutions are geared to bringing great benefits to printers including: increased quality, increased press speeds, reduction of costly press time production and waste. Solutions are available for offset, digital, flexo and gravure for both existing and new presses."

AVT has a large installed base within the packaging market, and is seeing growing demand for inspection solutions on both traditional and digital presses. It was announced recently that AVT was selected to join the HP Partner Program for the Indigo division.