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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

IN-fusion papers optimized for HP Indigo presses provide a new option for label and packaging printers

SMART Papers said today that its Kromekote Label 60-lb. IN-fusion premium lightweight cast-coated label and packaging papers are now RIT certified to run on HP Indigo WS4050, WS4500 and WS6000 label and packaging presses. Kromekote cast gloss is the first lightweight cast-coated paper to be performance certified by RIT for use on HP Indigo narrow web presses. The newly certified products are Kromekote Label for cut and stack glue-applied labels as well as Kromekote Label Converting for pressure-sensitive label applications.

The certification from the RIT Printing Applications Laboratory is important for HP Indigo narrow web press owners in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific because, for the first time, they now have access to premium, high-gloss cast-coated label stock optimized and certified for their equipment.  This gives HP Indigo press owners the ability to expand their offering to customers and win new sales and profit opportunities. Pressure sensitive label converters must still qualify their own p/s label constructions with RIT. SMART Papers said it would provide R&D support to key converting customers.

SMART Papers is one of the world's top producers of premium high-gloss cast-coated printing papers. Kromekote Label coated one-side (C1S) applications include standard cut and stack label, wrap or packaging applications and pressure sensitive label stock.  RIT is the world's top printing test laboratory that certifies printing papers for use on digital printing presses.

The Kromekote Label IN-fusion certification gives HP Indigo owner/operators, specialty label and packaging printers, converters and paper/packaging distributors confidence that Kromekote Label performs well on press.

"The results were very good and this is a very good product for specialty label and packaging printers," said Tim Richardson, digital printing technologist at RIT and the chief tester of Kromekote Label.  "There are no concerns with this product on any front. In addition to providing a new option for label and packaging printers, this development is important for pressure sensitive label converters," explained Paul Simpson, executive vice president for SMART Papers. "HP Indigo paired with Kromekote IN-fusion produces a compelling label solution for label and packaging printers, converters and distributors."

RIT put Kromekote Label 60-lb. IN-fusion through an extensive battery of tests and found that it performed in the highest possible category for coated substrates. Under a variety of test conditions, ink adhesion and press runability were strong; impacts on press consumables, primarily blankets, were minimal, the RIT study found.

IN-fusion papers are optimized for HP Indigo presses and are compatible with traditional offset and laser presses.  The papers feature an additive that is infused into the paper surface and fibers, penetrating the entire sheet and eliminating the need for surface treatments that can limit shelf life.

Kromekote cast gloss is a global print industry standard, invented 80 years ago and continuously improved since.  It features a mirror-smooth print surface and delivers superior sheet stability for optimized printing, die-cutting and high-speed filling line performance.  The absorbent, fast-drying surface is compatible with HP Indigo inks, producing camera-true, super-sharp print images, brilliant color reproduction and fine screens.  Kromekote is also a top-performing media for applying embossing foils, aqueous, UV and varnish coatings.

HP Indigo digital presses are regarded worldwide as the only digital printing technology that produces a level of print quality that rivals conventional offset.  With its two label and packaging presses, HP Indigo offers the most productive, high-speed digital solutions for short and medium-run production.