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Eminence Business Media

Monday, August 22, 2011

Collano to present innovative specialty adhesives for labels, adhesive tapes and specialty packaging at Labelexpo 2011

At stand U75 in Hall 12 at Labelexpo 2011, Collano AG will this time be focusing on new product lines for transparent film labels and tapes, a printable pressure-sensitive adhesive, the latest generation of deep-freeze adhesives and a specialty adhesive made from renewable sources. 

In addition to focusing on its strength of innovation, the Collano Group believes that a highly developed awareness of the needs of people, the environment and capital are key success factors. Accordingly, the company abandoned its research and development activities into solvent-based products in the late 1980s. Collano played a pioneering role in the replacement of solvent-based adhesives with ecologically friendly aqueous and 100% adhesive systems. The latest addition to its range is a pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesive made from renewable raw materials.

Routes to a sustainable future
Collano T2 1465 is the solution for those customers who are looking for sustainable, high-quality roducts. This pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesive, 70% of which is made from renewable raw materials, complements the sustainability credentials of substrates made from renewable or recycled sources. Collano T2 1465 has a service temperature of 0 °C to 55 °C and offers a wide range of adhesive properties for label, adhesive-tape and other self-adhesive applications.

The latest technology: UV-LED-curable adhesive
The latest generation of printable Collano UV N4 pressure-sensitive adhesives can be applied in virtually any form and to any substrate by flexographic and screen printing techniques, and then cured with UV-LED light. This method saves on energy, and so conserves resources and prevents ozone formation while affording a way of printing heat-sensitive substrates. 

Collano deep-freeze adhesive: It doesn’t get any cooler!
The latest formulation from Collano raises the bar for low-temperature adhesion. Collano L3 927 adheres at temperatures as low as -20°C, and will even adhere to critical packaging materials, such as cardboard. As low penetration is one of its features, it can be used on unprimed base papers, too. Collano deep-freeze adhesives lend themselves to refrigerator and freezer applications, for indirect food contact, for specially treated packaging film and high-speed blow-labelling. 

The wide range of Collano’s technologies covers reactive hotmelt adhesives, moisture-curing hotmelt adhesives, UV-curing hotmelt adhesives, thermoplastic adhesive films, heat-reactivated adhesives, water-based adhesives and rubber-based hotmelt adhesives. Technical advice and detailed information are available at the Collano stand U75 in hall 12 at Labelexpo 2011 in Brussels, or directly from LTP@collano.com.

Smart bonding
With the objective of making customers successful with intelligent bonding solutions, Collano develops and markets specialty adhesives for innovative applications in construction, composites, labels, tapes, packaging, protective adhesive systems, textiles, and foams. Collano Adhesives is passionately committed to new bonding technologies that improve quality, productivity, and reliability. Collano Adhesives is a member of the Collano Group, which employs 328 persons worldwide and generates sales of CHF 118 million.