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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, August 18, 2011

UV-stabilized film safeguards label message and brand identity

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., the only United States manufacturer of precision-performance polypropylene, polyester, and bio-based films for packaging and industrial applications, introduces Lumirror U65V UV-stabilized polyester film for use as an over-laminate film to protect labels and  products against the effects of UV damage. Lumirror U65V film offers excellent UV protection for outdoor label applications, prevents fading and yellowing, and maintains marking quality and film clarity. Label messages, graphics, and logos remain legible, clearly defined, and colorful, ensuring brand integrity and maximizing the effectiveness of the label for conveying information. In addition, U65V film’s surface properties provide outstanding handling and effective coating, improving converting efficiency. Labels made with U65V film may be applied to pumps, ladders, lawnmowers, industrial power tools, automobiles and parts, and agricultural equipment, among other outdoor consumer and industrial items.

“Labels are an extremely important communications tool,” says Milan Moscaritolo, Senior Director of Sales, Toray Plastics (America), Inc. “Equipment manufacturers require reliable film materials to help protect critical information including instructions and bar codes, as well as maintain the brand’s identity. Lumirror U65V film is an ideal choice for the end user and the converter who want to create and protect a high-quality finished label product.”

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., is a leading manufacturer of polyester, polypropylene, and bio-based films for flexible and rigid packaging, lidding, graphic, industrial, optical, and electronic applications. The company is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc., the world leader in synthetic fibers and textiles, carbon fibers, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and high-performance films, which has annual sales exceeding US$19 billion. For more information about Lumirror U65V polyester label film, contact Mary Gervais at mary.gervais@toraytpa.com or log on to www.TorayFilms.com.