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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Codimag to introduce VIVA 340 Aniflo press at Label Expo

The worldwide debut of the VIVA 340 Aniflo will be presented with 5 colors plus varnish and will run 4 jobs every day, to highlight the print consistency and also to show how easy a color proof can be produced. Codimag will organize the same presentations as they did 2 years ago where they will have a plate making facility on the booth with the Agfa Avalon N4 CtP system and the Toray plate processor.

With the
trend toward shorter and shorter runs, intermittent presses with quick set-up, no cylinder changes and pre-press limited to plate making are getting more and more suitable for the market. The VIVA340 is a modular press that can be specified according to customers’ needs. The VIVA340 is one of the very few intermittent presses on the market with all the major printing or finishing processes in line in intermittent mode: Waterless offset, Letterpress, Screen-printing, Hot Foil Stamping, Embossing, Flexo Varnishing, Wet Laminating, Die-Cutting. All labels from simple 4 colours label to the very appealing labels for wine or cosmetics can be printed in line in one pass on the press.

Intermittent feed for short and medium run
On the VIVA340 any print length from 5” to 12” can be printed without cylinder change thanks to the intermittent technology and servo control of the web motion. As a result the press is perfect for short and medium run with short make ready and minimal waste.

The main printing technologies used on the VIVA340 for 4-colour-process are offset and letterpress. Both processes allow a high level of flexibility on the press. Unlike Flexo, those print techniques do not rely on anilox rol for ink volume and do not require plate mounting with double sided tape. Pre-press is limited to only plate making. With intermittent press the only job-dependent component is the plate. You can stay away from costly tools or cassettes for every format.

The VIVA 420 Aniflo will also be presented in combination with hot-foil, probably with a wine label design. 
The ANIFLO print system is unique to Codimag with an anilox roller feeding a form roller which inks the waterless plate before printing on a blanket and then the web. Codimag also decided to organize some promotion around waterless offset technology, together with Toray. Codimag will have a brochure available, dedicated to Toray and Codimag to show their involvement in waterless offset.

Toray will be present in the booth and will display different materials and applications printed in waterless offset: plastic cards, in-mould labels, commercial printing, and newspaper printing… Le Figaro, the first French newspaper to be printed waterless offset on a KBA Cortina press will be distributed in the booth every day.This is all to show customers that waterless offset is not only Codimag, but also many other users. Toray will continue to supply waterless offset plates and to develop waterless offset technology.

Codimag will be in attendance at Label Expo 2011 in booth 3429, which is being held in Brussels this year. To find out more about Codimag Viva 340, Viva 420 and Codimags involvement in waterless technology visit www.codimag.com.