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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MPS to launch three new printing presses at Labelexpo 2011

The design philosophy behind the new MPS Printing presses is all around the operator, “Printers First”.  All three lines make use of the same user-friendly press design and every line is standard equipped with intelligent servo technology including Automated Print Control (APC) settings. Thanks to Crisp.Dot and Multi Drive all MPS press types are equal in their superb printing quality. Speed, print width, and waste reduction (ink, substrate, energy) are central for the MPS press lines resulting in outstanding productivity. The smart iControl knob ensures a friendly control for the operator. The presses are developed with the absolute focus on print quality and the lowest costs per 1000/labels. The new EXL Sleeve-Offset press from MPS, the jewel in the crown of MPS product range brings complete press automation.

The most cost effective MPS press with chill drum technology, short web, Crisp.Dot and converting rail system. The EC machines are built in 11-13 and 16 inch web widths. The print settings are done with servo positioning technology (APC) and the material thickness compensation is manually controlled. The print settings as well as other press settings (like UV, corona, web tensions etc.) can be loaded into job memory for repeat jobs.

The star of the MPS Flexo press family. A multi-substrate press in which also the material compensation is controlled by servo positioning technology (extended APC). The COMPLETE print settings are automated and can be stored in job memory. Resulting that the print settings for both initial and repeat jobs can be uploaded from job memory. This ultimate flexible and productive label and converting press is built in various web widths including 20 inches. A multiple range of converting models is available, as well as different inking systems.

EXL- Sleeve Offset (variable sleeve technology)
This new MPS press is an automated offset combination press using sleeves for the plate and blanket carrier. A complete new way of offset print pressure settings and controls allowed the MPS engineers to make use of "normal" sleeve technology without the use of special support barer rings or any other mechanical compensation allowing repeat variances.

MPS has found unique ways to control and automate the offset technology resulting in no-nonsense extreme short set up times and very low set up waste figures. Together with MPS's full APC-technology including job memory, even inexperienced offset operators very quickly achieve astonishing results with this new EXL machine.

EXL-Packaging (wide web Flexo version)
This variant is all about faster and wider. The press is built up to 26 inches at a speed of 300 m/min. To achieve the well known MPS Flexo technology, MPS has especially put efforts in robust engineering for the platform itself and the drive concept. A dedicated inking system has been developed with an ink-chill option. The EXL-packaging variant comes with Automated Print Control (APC) as a standard together with iControl and job memory. Furthermore high speed hot air driers for both solvent based inks as well as water based inks are available.

MPS will give more information and demonstrations on their press lines during Labelexpo. MPS stand:   11Q40