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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NuMaber increases productivity and quality with EskoArtwork digital flexo technology

NuMaber, the flexographic plate production company based in Roncade (TV), is enjoying a significant improvement in quality and output after investing in digital flexo technology from EskoArtwork. The company has installed four CDI Spark 5080 (format 1270 x 2032mm), two with HD Flexo for digital photopolymer engraving. 
The system combines the performance of 4000 dpi HD optics with exclusive screening technology. The result is sharper and more accurate imaging, as well as over 60-line printing - a characteristic that is particularly useful not only for labels, but also for flexible packaging and the folding boxes market.
Full HD workflow and editing tools
Founded in 1978 as a photolitho company, NuMaber specializes in working with digital photopolymer and laser engraving of rubber sleeves and cylinders. The 50-strong company has always been dedicated to flexographic prepress, and produces flexo printing plates for the packaging and flexible packaging markets.
NuMaber is committed to innovation and regularly explores how it can upgrade its systems. Livio Simionato, NuMaber General Manager, says: "Delivering orders rapidly is essential in today’s demanding market. We have a long-standing relationship with EskoArtwork, and chose the company’s digital systems so that we could achieve top quality throughout the whole production process. Speed is one of our hallmarks, and the four EskoArtwork CDIs ensure stability and speed with the digital photopolymer process."
The two CDI Spark 5080 HD Flexo systems were installed at the end of 2010. "We chose the systems especially for the writing quality level of the plates, which affords our customers more print definition and the use of more subtle media, which is important for labels, plastic films and paper bags. 

“Obviously, there was a very positive response to this leap forward in quality. It has helped us strengthen our partnerships with customers, who have been inspired to explore new possibilities with high definition and create more engaging graphics.”
NuMaber operates a Kongsberg plotter for automated plate cutting. The system’s cutting of photopolymers is much more precise and consistent than a manual system, and enables users to make customized shapes.  
The company uses Automation Engine workflow software for packaging and printing pre-production, which delivers comprehensive automation and quality control. They also uses ArtPro, the easy-to-use prepress editor. "We monitor work without films and blueprints,” adds Simionato. “And the workflow is quicker because we work with the same software that we use for graphics - ArtPro. We have better control of the files, verifying overlappings, screens and inclinations before sending the file to the client or production.”
Having a closed workflow without switching between sotware helps guarantee quality, which is proving very popular with NuMaber’s customers. Printers demand thoroughly checked and verified materials, something that NuMaber’s new EskoArtwork systems deliver.
Following its investment in EskoArtwork solutions, NuMaber has increased its visibility in the market and won new business, notably in the food industry.
NuMaber understands the importance of close collaboration with printers and the need to forge real partnerships. “Providing printers with an efficient service is only half the story,” continues Simionato. “It’s crucial that they see you as a reliable partner - and being able to offer them innovative solutions to help them improve the service they provide to their customers is an excellent way to do this.
“The investment in EskoArtwork solutions is not only an investment in our own business - it also opens up new possibilities and markets to our customers.”
Positive trend for flexo printing
With the improved quality and definition delivered by EskoArtwork Flexo HD, there is certainly potential to develop the use of this type of printing.
"Graphic studios and advertising agencies now have much more faith in flexo thanks to the huge increase in quality in recent years. We’re in daily contact with a number of design studios and they’re amazed at the print results we can achieve with flexo, and now regard it as a reliable, high-quality printing process.
“We’re also taking on an increasing number of ad-hoc flexo projects because we can now meet the needs of even the most demanding sectors, such as food and labels. This would have been unthinkable a decade ago.” 
But it doesn't stop here. In 2010 NuMaber installed the first line of photopolymer digital AWP Asahi, with water developing, in Italy. The only photopolymers of this type that can be used with water-based, solvent and UV inks, the product is gaining traction in the market not only because of its eco-friendliness - thanks to the absence of solvents used in processing - but also because of the excellent quality of printing results. 
2010 also marked the beginning of the installation of a photovoltaic system, which already allows NuMaber to cover around 40% of its energy needs. 
In 2011, the completion of the expanded corporate headquarters built with green technologies, and the photovoltaic system installed on the new plant, will enable the company to achieve full energy independence.