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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Atlantic Zeiser focuses expertise on cost effective certified label printing solutions

Atlantic’s Zeiser’s wealth of technological expertise is helping label printers create a highly competitive and responsive offering. At LabelExpo 2011, Brussels, from September 28 to October 1 Atlantic Zeiser will focus on the flexible adoption of the Drop-on-Demand (DoD) Inkjet-Technology while printing  variable data on different label substrates and -formats.

At booth R95 in hall 11 it will highlight  its versatile drop-on-demand (DoD) inkjet printing technology in security and commercial label printing of variable data on different substrates and formats via its integrated DIGILINE Web 300 platform. Other production possibilities being demonstrated will include the  high-speed DELTA 105i greyscale printer outputting from roll to roll equipped with a VERICAM camera-based verification system guaranteeing zero-defects in the end product. It will print and code, from the roll, industrial labels from its partner, 3M as well. With a GAMMA 70 P full-colour module for CMYK inkjet printing, the DIGILINE will also produce industrial labels for another self-adhesive 3M high-performance film.

3M Partnership Success
Paramount in high quality label production is the choice of substrate which is why Atlantic Zeiser has partnered with world leading 3M and received particular certification for use of its printing modules and inks on different foils and products. Not only does this certification guarantee performance quality but it also highlights the variety of end results possible helping printers add value.
3M’s portfolio includes white and silver polyester films resistant to media and friction with matte or gloss surface coatings, which are ideal for digital UV inkjet printing. Their exceptionally high resistance to ageing makes them the perfect label materials, as they are able to withstand most chemical reactions.  
The challenge for Atlantic Zeiser is how to permanently print the necessary information on these adhesive substrates.   To be able to guarantee performance 3M also subjects selected printing technologies to these approvals.   This enables the company to offer combination options for films, printing processes and inks that label and equipment manufacturers can rely on.
Think Ink
Atlantic Zeiser’s combination of specially developed inks and environmentally friendly UV-LED curing is virtually unbeatable. With its own in-house ink development and production departments, it has considerable expertise, particularly with challenging surfaces offering low ink adhesion.  

Also developed in-house with the label market in mind is the SmartCure AIR and  SmartCure UV-LED curing system series for virtually every printing width and printing speed.  The cost-saving systems cure UV inks in an environmentally friendly manner thanks to their low energy consumption, absence of ozone emissions and their operating life that outlasts lamp-based systems by a factor of one to ten. The curing systems are formulated to the flexible printing systems Omega, Delta and Gamma families. Together these technologies offer printers competitive and reliable solutions to meet the increasingly high performance criteria end-users expect of their labels. 
Cost efficiency benefits
All Atlantic Zeiser solutions deliver outstanding efficiency and the ability to switch quickly between print jobs to enable users to exploit new business opportunities in a host of industry applications. Designed for maximum flexibility essential in label printing, they ensure all the required information is clearly printed on the material while delivering utmost ink durability, light-fastness and contrast.  

But it is the high level of security delivered by coding of security labels like tax and excise stamps and the track & trace features that enable operations to deliver an integrity assured service. At the event Atlantic Zeiser will also demonstrate how to code tax labels and excise stamps with common, individual barcodes and plain-text information at speeds of up to 150 m/min. At the same time it will address the challenge of printing the absorbent special paper for tax labels at maximum speed with outstanding image quality, so the variable data is easily read for goods identification.
All standard product tracking codes from GS1, all types of numeric codes, and 1-D and 2-D barcodes can be included to check the legitimacy of the packaging and product online. And the Vericam  high-speed camera system  automatically reads and verifies the selected layout and checks the digits. If the check code does not match the reference data, the module rejects the product. Typical applications include quality control of any font, bar codes 1D/2D, numbering and conformity.

Codes for goods tracking and batch identification as well as production, usage and expiry data change frequently.   This means the content of the print layout has to be modified regularly, so the printing technology must offer maximum variability in setting the print data.   It is this comprehensive array of requirements that greatly restricts the technical printing solutions that can be used.   The most cost-effective and versatile print technology is industrial DoD inkjet digital printing.    

Atlantic Zeiser’s Vice President Digital Systems Ralf Hipp comments: “In such a diverse and competitive market Atlantic Zeiser has created a portfolio of solutions that can meet even the most exacting requirements and all to a very high quality. No matter what the application end-users can be assured of the integrity and security provided by these reliable and responsive solutions.” 

Atlantic Zeiser helps industrial customers to increase the cost efficiency, brand value and quality of their products within the production and logistics chain.   The company achieves this by employing highly efficient digital solutions for the printing and coding of frequently changing content on such products. Atlantic Zeiser specializes in digital printing on challenging substrates, i.e. with low adhesion capacity for print colours, while delivering offset-like quality and production speed.   In the three segments Digital Printing & Coding Solutions, Card Systems and Banknote & Security Printing Systems, the company develops, manufactures and distributes technologies as well as integrated solutions for industrial producers throughout the world. Atlantic Zeiser supports its customers through 11 subsidiaries as well as distribution and support offices in some 50 countries.