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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stora Enso rethinks Group Executive Team

Stora Enso is appointing three new members to its Group Executive Team. At the same time three current members will leave the team to take new positions inside and outside the Company. Karl-Henrik Sundström has been appointed Chief Financial Officer with effect from 1 August 2012. He joins Stora Enso from the Dutch semiconductor company NXP, the former Philips semiconductors business located in Eindhoven. Karl-Henrik Sundström has spent most of his career with the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson, building his career from Latin America and managing the company’s business in Australia to finally first becoming head of Global Services and later Executive Vice President and CFO of Ericsson AB.

“In his last two roles, as CFO of one of Sweden’s largest companies for almost five years, and currently as CFO of NXP, Karl-Henrik Sundström has proved to be a world-class CFO. His additional experience of running a business will greatly contribute to our efforts to renew Stora Enso. We all warmly welcome Karl-Henrik to our team with high expectations,” says Stora Enso CEO Jouko Karvinen.

Head of Stora Enso Global Identity Lauri Peltola, and General Counsel Per Lyrvall are also appointed as new members of the Group Executive Team as of today. “With Lauri Peltola joining the Group Executive Team, we underline the importance of our Global Stora Enso Identity, Global Responsibility and Rethink in the Executive Team work. With Per Lyrvall's appointment, we further emphasise the importance of our values, our transparency and our Code of Conduct, as well as one of our key Leadership Themes, ‘Do what’s right’,” emphasises Jouko Karvinen.

The new Group Executive Team is as follows:
Jouko Karvinen, Chief Executive Officer
Juan Bueno, Executive Vice President, Biomaterials Business Area
Lars Häggström, Executive Vice President, Global People and Organisation
Hannu Kasurinen, Executive Vice President, Building and Living Business Area
Per Lyrvall, Executive Vice President, Global Ethics and Compliance, General Counsel
Mats Nordlander, Executive Vice President, Renewable Packaging Business Area
Lauri Peltola, Executive Vice President, Global Identity
Karl-Henrik Sundström, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (as of 1 August 2012)
Juha Vanhainen, Executive Vice President, Printing and Reading Business Area

The following three members are leaving the Group Executive Team: Hannu Alalauri, formerly head of the Fine Paper Business Area, has been appointed as the head of the Packaging Solutions Business Unit and joins the Renewable Packaging Management Team. Bernd Rettig, currently responsible for energy, logistics, R&D and capital investments, will continue with R&D and capital investments, but will also increase his focus on managing Stora Enso’s large capital investment projects. He continues to report to the CEO. The current CFO, Markus Rauramo, has been appointed as CFO of Fortum Corporation. He will remain with Stora Enso and in the Group Executive Team until Karl-Henrik Sundström joins the company.