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Eminence Business Media

Monday, March 5, 2012

UPM launches a new service for all-in-one colour and workflow management

UPM will introduce a new service UPM ColorCTRL at drupa in May. The new workflow management application is developed to support users in reaching the best possible print result on UPM Papers – each time. It is created in co-operation with market leading supply chain partners including the expertise of UPM’s technical field team, the best-in-class workflow system by Dalim Software and award-winning ColorServer technology by GMG in one application.

UPM ColorCTRL is a web based pdf workflow management application. It is the first full turnkey solution in the market which covers the whole process from the creation of the print ready pdf page to the final colour accurate print product. It is enabled through the use of optimised paper profiles by GMG.

UPM ColorCTRL is a cost effective and easy to use cloud based solution. With a service based fee the user will get an access to an online tool, which enables them to control workflows between different collaborators.

The service comes with consultancy and has everything in one package including pdf approval collaboration, version control, pre-flight checking, collaborative softproofing and colour optimisation. No investment or maintenance cost in local servers, hardware or software is needed.

“UPM ColorCTRL is an online service which allows easy collaboration with all partners in the value chain - from brand owner to advertising agency, publisher and printing house,” explains Gerd Carl, Project Manager for UPM ColorCTRL, and continues: “UPM ColorCTRL cuts down the time to market for quality print products and gives users savings in time, materials and investment costs.”

As a Biofore Company UPM strives for continues development and innovative solutions with added value. “UPM’s services are tailored to improve our customers’ business processes and to help them to reach their business targets –from efficiency and also environmental point of view. UPM ColorCTRL is an excellent example of this,” says Thomas Ehrnrooth, Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

DALIM SOFTWARE provides its ES workflow technology for the UPM ColorCTRL workflow online platform and the GMG ColorServer engine secures the optimal print ready pdf quality. Proof to print match is obtained using the optimized GMG ColorProof software within the package. Colour accuracy of the final print product will be achieved by always up-to-date UPM paper profiles, service setup and consultancy.

UPM is piloting the new service with selected customers during the spring and will introduce UPM ColorCTRL at the UPM stand in drupa.