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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Harper Corporation releases Harper Bridge Sleeves

The latest in a line of flexographic products, Harper Bridge Sleeves have recently been released by global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation. Carbon fiber is the key material and its use maximizes stiffness and reduces weight. The result is an optimized performance.

The Harper Bridge Sleeves “Flow-Thru” feature allows secondary air to permeate the system to make it easy to mount plate sleeves or I.T.R. plates. All press OEM specifications were used in the designing of bridge (adapter) results to create the quality product clients expect from Harper.  This product follows Harper's long tradition of being an industry leader.

First and foremost, the patent-pending replaceable notch system can incorporate a straight, bayonet, or custom notch design, allowing for use with a variety of presses. A great deal of time and energy was spent to develop this unique characteristic.

Additionally, Harper Bridge Sleeves (adapters) can be used with steel or carbon fiber base mandrels, as well as hydraulically clamped or mechanical lock down systems. A mechanically fastened end ring incorporates a built-in sleeve stop, and Harper Bridge Sleeves offer a notch to locate pin tolerances +/-.0015 inches in relation to locating pin.

The goal of Harper Corporation of America is to create quality products and services that improve client processes. As a member of Harper Corporation's long line of quality products, Harper Bridge Sleeves reduce waste, increase cost-effectiveness, and enhance the efficiency of client processes. Harper Bridge Sleeves will be on display at the FTA's 2012 Annual Forum & Info*FLEX Exhibition March 18 – 21 in San Antonio, Texas.