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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Esko launches Suite 12 at drupa 2012

With major new release of brand execution software arms the graphic arts industry for today’s design, color and workflow challenges, Esko will officially launch Suite 12 at drupa 2012. This major update to its software suite for the packaging, label, sign making and display industries, will play a central role at Esko’s drupa stand A23 in hall 8B.

Esko Suite 12 – meeting customer needs
“Our customers reported increased demand to push more products to market faster, at the lowest possible cost, enabled by global world-wide-web based communication. Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers demand commitment to brand execution from the packaging supply chain and insist on higher shelf impact designs, no-compromise print quality, more package variations and increased compliancy with regulations. The complexity for packaging service providers and converters has increased, and in this challenging environment Suite 12 provides strong answers,”

With Suite 12, Esko provides answers to the challenges of modern brand execution. Enhanced 3D capabilities are pushing the “first moment of truth” further upstream in the supply chain. Packaging management tools in WebCenter 12 provide an overview on the entire packaging project and more control over each step in the process. And with Color Engine 12 a major breakthrough is set for consistent and accurate color reproduction.

“Packaging professionals looking for faster time to market, effective and reliable workflow solutions and guaranteed color consistency will be impressed by Suite 12. They will see many examples of our commitment to our customers and our dedication to continuous improvement of our solutions," says Bernard Zwaenepoel, Senior VP Software Business at Esko.

Esko Suite 12 - focus on value as it brings additional productivity and efficiencies to the user.
  • Integrated “best in class” applications. The new releases of the flagship applications ArtiosCAD, ArtPro, PackEdge, DeskPack and Studio combine interactive editing power and integration with workflow automation and color management.
  • Rich 3D functionality for a holistic experience. Stunning structural design in 3D and realistic graphics editing and visualization of a package “in context” speeds up the production process and is an efficient QC tool reducing the risk at human errors.
  • Mobile collaboration in a web-enabled workflow. Mobile interaction with the workflow is now possible, and with the Internet as a backbone for collaboration and resource-sharing, Suite 12 software manages and automates every step of the production workflow.

WebCenter 12: a true Packaging Management Solution
Originally designed as an online collaboration and approval tool, WebCenter 12 has evolved into a true packaging management solution. Specify packaging requirements, manage packaging assets and oversee the entire design and production process: WebCenter 12 creates a competitive advantage.

Fully integrated with Automation Engine and ArtiosCAD, WebCenter 12 acts as a Web-to-Production portal and involves the packaging buyer more deeply in the execution of package design and production. Design requests are created automatically and a range of tasks is executed on the workflow server without any operator intervention. WebCenter also acts as the backbone for ArtiosCAD Enterprise which enables sharing of all packaging structural assets - including designs and board specifications - between multiple packaging production facilities.

Automation Engine 12: workflow automation to the next level
Esko keeps its promise: the last step of merging three legacy workflow applications - BackStage, Nexus and Odystar - into one single platform is now a reality. Automation Engine 12 has the Odystar PDF native processing tasks and Enfocus' PitStop server on board. Odystar users can now upgrade to Automation Engine, maintain their current workflow and benefit from a wide selection of powerful Automation Engine concepts.

Automation Engine 12 is designed for reliability and high performance in packaging workflows. Fully scalable, Automation Engine 12 serves the needs of a wide range of professionals: from a small sign maker using i-cut Automate to a multi-site converter.

Automation Engine 12 continues to support the high-end commercial print workflow where extreme automation is essential. With embedded JDF connectivity, the solution provides great flexibility in configuring workflows that communicate with any JDF enabled imposition tool out on the market.

Color Engine 12: breakthrough color workflow for the entire packaging supply chain
Consistent and accurate brand color reproduction on packaging and labels is one of the top five requirements of brand owners. By integrating Color Engine 12 with PantoneLIVE, Esko is the first to bring a color management solution to market that covers the entire packaging supply chain. This solution guarantees first-time-every-time color accuracy and ensures realistic spot color reproduction from design to ink kitchen. Visit Esko.com to view the detailed press release for more information.

Studio 12: ever richer 3D capabilities
Now Studio 12 goes far beyond the primary pack to include secondary, tertiary packaging and any other branded elements in the design process. The new Studio Toolkit combines all components of an integrated packaging or display design in one single application. Via ArtiosCAD, Studio links all the way to 3rd party palletization software. Within Studio Designer 12, embedded in all Esko editors ArtPro, PackEdge and DeskPack, multiple components can be visualized together while creating the artwork for each component. This truly holistic approach provides an efficient implementation of product branding.

Store Visualizer 12 pushes this concept even further by placing the packaged product in a hyper realistic and dynamic retail environment. In Store Visualizer 12, the entire store environment can be freely designed and decorated from the ground up with pre-set store furniture components.

Suite 12 Editors: dedication to package production
At drupa 2012, Esko celebrates the 20th anniversary of ArtPro. With thousands of installed seats, ArtPro is an indispensable tool for packaging and label designers all over the world. Packaging professionals will find great new functionality in the 2012 releases of Esko’s flagship editors: PackEdge, ArtPro and DeskPack. A range of innovative developments demonstrate Esko’s dedication to its customers. A good example is combi-press support, a built-in capability in Suite 12. Label printers often use hybrid workflows and combi-presses that combine two or more printing techniques (offset, digital, flexo, gravure or flexo printing) in a single machine. A Suite 12 automated workflow is now capable of handling separations tagged for a specific printing process, a unique capability which shortens prepress time-allocation for such printing process by at least 50%.

With Suite 12, Adobe Illustrator users are spoiled. One particularly interesting new feature is scripting support for DeskPack. Operations typically executed manually can now be scripted and executed by the Automation Engine 12. A new Step and Repeat tool, including the creation of production marks and control strips entirely inside Illustrator, complements DeskPack 12.

With ArtiosCAD 12, box panels of a structural design can be tagged such that the Dynamic Content tool for Adobe Illustrator identifies the panel. “Such “intelligent dielines” are a major first step in the march towards semi-automated design. A step that promises time to market savings of over 50% along with dramatically reduced waste. Esko is the only company with the range of products required to make this much requested function a reality.

“Esko once more confirms its leadership position in the packaging industry: no one covers the width and depth of our packaging solutions. We are aware of our responsibility towards thousands of users worldwide for whom our solutions are business critical. The upgrade to Suite 12 will improve their competitive strengths. The upgrade is fully included as part of their customer’s Maintenance Contract, ensuring that they continue to work with the latest and most advanced tools available in the marketplace.” Says Bernard Zwaenepoel, Senior VP Software Business at Esko.

Suite 12 will be commercially available for customers worldwide as of June 2012.