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Thursday, March 22, 2012

MacDermid celebrates 100th LUX installation

A MacDermid LUX installation at OEC Graphics marks the 100th installation of the LUX Platemaking Process since its commercial launch. Introduced at the FTA INFO*FLEX in 2010, the LUX Platemaking Process enables the production of flat-top dots on flexo printing plates, creating a smaller printed dot and increased print quality and consistency.

OEC Graphics, headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is a leading prepress supplier to converters and packaged goods companies.  OEC has added the LUX Platemaking Process to its production workflow in a number of its facilities. "Adding LUX flat-top dots to our product line-up puts us in a unique position to offer our customers unsurpassed performance and technology that can compete in any packaging market," said Brad Vette, corporate managing director at OEC.

MacDermid's LUX has been the global choice for flat-top dot technology since its inception, with LUX installations on six continents. "Given the tremendous interest we have seen with LUX, we are anticipating that we will install at least another 100 units in 2012," stated Pat Mullaney, global packaging group director at MacDermid.

Enhancements to the LUX Process
In addition to celebrating the 100th Installation of LUX, MacDermid is also marking the introduction of two new enhancements to the LUX Process - Membrane 200 and an new version of its large-format 62" Laminator.

Membrane 200 is another option for the LUX Platemaking Process that allows the simultaneous creation of both flat-top LUX dots and an engineered surface pattern in the plate. This innovation combines the print advantages of the LUX dot shape and the improved ink transfer of a surface pattern in one simple step.

The updated 62" LUX laminator laminates plates up to 62" in width and includes several new features that make lamination of the LUX membrane easier and more efficient, including digital control of gap settings, a membrane hold-down device and pin cutter, and a transition table to ease plate movement from the laminator to an exposure unit.

LUX was the recipient of both the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) Technical Innovation Award and the Flexographic Pre-Press Platemakers Association (FPPA) Technology Innovator Award in 2011.