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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Henkel launches casein-free adhesives

Henkel, supplier of adhesive technologies, has launched a new generation of casein-free adhesives for beverage manufacturers. According to Henkel this expansion of the range means greater production and budgeting security for the industry, as well as making it possible to save up to 30 percent on adhesives. Based on robust polymers, the Optal XP product series can withstand demanding conditions – such as in bottle cellars, in beverage retailing, during transport, in refrigerators or during cleaning – and offers a longer shelf life and temperature stability. It is said to eliminate existing drawbacks for beverage labeling and is suitable for high-speed machines or slow labeling processes, cold or hot, dry or wet conditions, heavy labels or thin aluminum foils, condensation-water resistance or extreme resistance to ice water.

The adhesives are already being used for returnable and disposable bottles. In addition, market testing was recently carried out for further Optal products that offer labeling options for PET returnable packages and no-label look containers.