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Eminence Business Media

Friday, March 16, 2012

GSE Dispensing exhibits lean, integrated paste management solutions at ITM 2012

At ITM 2012, in Istanbul, GSE Dispensing (Hall 7, stand 710/A) will show how its program of gravimetric paste dispensing systems and management software platforms are the key to integrated, lean and automated print paste management. The company's acclaimed IPS modular dispensing systems enable liquid dyes to be dispensed and mixed on-demand, to precision specification. They provide a means of driving waste and labour costs out of the production process, while simultaneously increasing the uptime of capital equipment. The IPS delta, for large-volume print applications (max. 150 kg), can dispense up to two dyestuff groups. The IPS epsilon is specially designed for sampling and small-volume textile printing situations. It dispenses a maximum of 15 kg and is suitable for up to four dyestuff groups.  Furthermore, the IPS sigma, for garment and T-shirt printers, dispenses up to 5 kg of a single dyestuff group.

The IPS dispensing systems are noted for their compact design and small footprint, sturdy, anti-corrosive build, user-friendliness and low maintenance, high-speed and dispensing accuracy. For standard recipes, IPS delta systems have a typical performance of 15 buckets per hour with a 0.1 g accuracy. Because the software allows storage of previous job data, repeat orders are easily recalled and dispensed to consistently high quality standards. Their ability to recalculate print paste remainders into new recipes eliminates waste and enables yields to be increased by as much as 30 percent.

Textile Management Software (TMS) is a powerful package software platform that eliminates excess production by automatically and precisely calculating recipe quantities for the job. In addition, the company has a global network of distribution agencies whose qualified staff provide the local customer base with technical support and advice, in the local language.

GSE Dispensing are represented in Turkey by Inter Tekstil, an agency representing several leading suppliers to the textile printing and manufacturing in the region.

Frank Timmen, area sales manager at GSE Dispensing, comments: "GSE's automated print paste solutions offer a lean, instant approach to achieving precision colour quality. The IPS dispensing program and the accompanying software make print paste management an economically viable option, for almost all printing situations."