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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RBP Introduces new heavy metal precipitant

RBP Chemical Technology has introduced a new heavy metal precipitant formulated to remove metals from wastewater streams. New RBP MetalTreat 529 is particularly useful in treating wastewater from plating operations, and provides nearly complete precipitation of metals, producing a compact, highly insoluble, sludge cake even in the presence of other chelating or sequestering agents.

Discussing new MetalTreat 529, RBP Chemical Technology Director of Sales and Marketing Robert Coleman said: “RBP products are formulated to help printed circuit manufacturers comply fully with wastewater treatment and other environmental regulations, while maintaining productivity and operating at the lowest possible cost. With new METALTREAT 529 Heavy Metal Precipitant, RBP continues to expand our extensive line of process chemicals for the modern printed circuit facility:” 

Founded in 1954, RBP Chemical Technology is a global supplier of proprietary chemicals and delivery devices for the printing, newspaper, and electronics manufacturing industries. RBP Chemical Technology products are manufactured in a 48,000 square foot plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; in a wholly owned blending facility near Mumbai, India; and by approved blenders in the US, South Korea and Thailand.  RBP Chemical Technology is ISO 9001:2008 certified.  RBP products are sold and serviced by factory-trained sales and service representatives and distributors in the Americas and Asia.