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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kodak Flexcel Direct System exceeds customer expectations with Innovative Direct Engraving Technology

In the time leading up to drupa 2012 and the commercial launch of the much awaited Flexcel Direct System, Kodak’s test site customers are producing an increasing number of direct-engraved sleeves for live production jobs, with results that are exceeding initial expectations. The Flexcel Direct System will be shown running at the Kodak stand (Hall 5, F09-1) at drupa.
Miller Graphics, the multinational prepress company with a presence in nine countries, has been evaluating the new Kodak Solution for the last six months in its Limoges, France, location. “We are very experienced in the production of ITR (in the round) sleeves for flexo,” said Mr. Claude Vriet, ITR Production Manager, Miller Graphics, “but we are always looking to improve our services and offer better performance for our customers at a competitive price. The Flexcel Direct System has exceeded our initial expectations, both in our own production operation and on press with our clients, and we are already supplying sleeves for production jobs, and even winning new business as a result of the improved quality.”
The Flexcel Direct System uses innovative, energy-efficient, high-power laser engraving to produce superior quality press-ready elastomer sleeves with increased production throughput. Vriet added, “Our customers are impressed with the increase in print quality, greater consistency, and faster press setup times. Combine that with the fact that we have increased our sleeve production throughput, and you can see why we are excited to continue our cooperation with Kodak.”
Kodak’s unique approach in supplying not only an engraver, but a complete optimized solution that includes hardware, workflow, and media, is seen as a real strength. Laserflex, a large German prepress provider and a subsidiary of abc packmedia and Horst Gries, was the first site to install a Flexcel Direct System and has conducted extensive testing. “With its simple and straightforward operation, together with the media designed to optimize engraving speed and ink compatibility, the Flexcel Direct System will truly be a complete system. Having the equipment and media developed by the same supplier is truly unique,” declared Sascha Paus, Plant Manager, Laserflex. “Current results from our testing, which has included customer jobs and research print trials at DFTA, lead us to believe that the Kodak Flexcel Direct Imager is a good fit for our flexographic market needs.”
The Flexcel Direct System joins the award-winning Kodak Flexcel NX System in an impressive line-up of flexographic solutions from Kodak that are designed to increase shelf impact while driving production efficiency. “The Flexcel NX System remains our flagship solution and has revolutionized the flexo plate industry with high-definition flexo printing that is consistent and cost-effective to produce,” commented Mohan Garde, Kodak’s VP and General Manager of Packaging Solutions Business. “With the addition of the Flexcel Direct System to the portfolio we can now make affordable, high-quality ITR flexo sleeve production a reality and demonstrate Kodak’s ongoing commitment to deliver truly differentiated solutions into the packaging segment.”