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Eminence Business Media

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Caledon Controls Ltd. introduces a CLEAR conductive PET film..

Caledon Controls Ltd. introduced a CLEAR conductive PET film using the PDIM metal deposition techniques developed by Vast Films at the IDTECHEX Printed Electronics show held in Santa Clara. PDIM (Pre-Deposited Images in Metal) is a PET based film available in thicknesses ranging from .0005" to .010" with electrically conductive graphic or circuit images "deposited" onto its surface.

The fine line resolution capabilities of PDIM allows for conductor traces down to 10μm in width to be laid into a grid pattern allowing over 90% clarity. Available conductors are aluminum, copper, silver or nickel. With Aluminum as the conductive material, sheet resistivity on the grid of 10Ω∕□ or less have been demonstrated. Copper or silver as the deposited metals would further improve conductivity.

Because of PDIM's unique metal deposition technology, the ability to incorporate graphics or circuitry within or bordering the grid is possible. This negates the use of a separate circuit and its interconnection. Complexities can be additive built using various dielectric and conductive inks and processes that Caledon Controls offers. Interested parties at the unveiling were RFID, PV cell, OLED, Touch screen, Smart Window and many other manufacturers.