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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pulse launches new release varnish

Pulse Roll Label Products has announced the development of a new UV flexo release varnish for peel-and-read booklet labels. The formulation offers a low cost, alternative technology to the conventional cationic chemistry normally used for this application, the company says.

“This new patented varnish means that printers can achieve savings of up to 20 percent in comparison to cationic technology,” says Sales and Marketing Manager Claire Seward. “The varnish has undergone extensive blocking and aging tests and demonstrates both high gloss and optimised scuff resistance properties with long term release comparable and often better than with cationic systems. The use of cationic and free radical UV chemistry on the same press means there is an ever present risk of contamination that can lead to wasted varnish. Our free radical formulation eliminates this risk making it much easier to handle press side.”

Pulse Roll Label Products, Bristol, England, markets UV and water based inks, coatings, adhesives, special effect and digital inks, press room products, and cleaning solutions.