Eminence Business Media

Eminence Business Media

Thursday, April 7, 2011

PrimeBlade Sweden AB is setting a new standard for the doctor blade industry, by introducing the new 900 Nano series

PrimeBlade Sweden AB is proud to present a revolutionary new range of doctor blades, using Nano technology to optimize the properties of the Swedish refined premium steel qualities. PrimeBlade 900 Nano has been developed together with partners in Nano technology, to find the best solution to treat different steel qualities to optimize the properties and performance. The idea behind the product was to develop a doctor blade with increased life time, reduced friction and increased printing quality, without using the ceramic & nickel coatings that are used today and with the side effects this can have on the environment and other issues. The first product to be introduced to the market after approx 6 month of testing with flexo and gravure printers in Europe will be PrimeBlade Nano I.

It´s a revolutionary patented metallurgic-treated steel blade which will extend blade life to hitherto unseen levels in non-ceramic coated blades in both flexo and gravure applications. The blade will outlast any non-ceramic blade on the market, without any of the brittleness associated with long life blades, with no extra consequent anilox roll/gravure cylinder wear and at a competitive price.

Today many of the flexible printers are looking for solutions that will increase productivity, printing quality and reduce down time, thus improving the financial bottom line. PrimeBlade Nano I will be a part of that solution. Additional products will follow shortly, developed especially for white inks wear problems and for printers that want to increase the life time even further.

For more information you are welcome to contact Mr. Kenth Sandström, or visit www.primeblade.se.