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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Xanté and Straight Shooter Equipment enter exclusive distribution agreement

Xanté is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Straight Shooter Equipment Company, wherein Xanté will have exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the Xanté TL-30 Digital Envelope-Press Feeder, jointly developed by the two companies. The TL-30 easily integrates with Xanté’s popular Ilumina line of production-quality digital presses, and can also be used to feed substrates for UV coaters, folders, and cutters.

Together, Xanté and Straight Shooter have worked to improve productivity and reliability of the system, based on a popular Straight Shooter product called the LF-12.

“We are pleased to be in agreement with a company offering such superior and sought after equipment as Straight Shooter,” says Xanté CEO and founder, Robert Ross. “We look forward to welcoming new, and existing, dealers and users to the family to enjoy all of the benefits the TL-30 has to offer.”

Xanté TL-30 Top Load Feeder
The high volume TL-30 Top Load Feeder – presented for the first time to an international crowd at the Graphics of the Americas exposition in Orlando, Florida – was designed to make users’ digital printers or finishing devices more productive and running continuously without delay. It holds up to 500 envelopes and features a top-load design that eliminates delays when reloading envelopes, sheets, postcards and more. 

The TL-30 boasts no wiring, mechanical latching or tray removal necessary; so customers can simply roll the TL-30 into place, add media and run. Major features also include an adjustable stand, buckle separation, re-positional feed belts, and a unique floating acceleration table for simple integration. In addition to easily integrating with Xanté’s popular Ilumina line of production-quality digital presses, the TL-30 works with other laser printers, digital presses, folders, and UV coaters. 

Jim Kaiping, Straight Shooter President, states, “With Xanté’s extensive support network and its marketing and distribution capabilities, we have a great deal of confidence that the TL-30 will gain larger market awareness and increased interest in the digital press market. This agreement will also allow Straight Shooter to continue to offer new and innovative products to the mailing, printing and packaging industries.”