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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Durst Tau 150 label printer completes a successful testing and install in the Netherlands

Omnilabel BV of Dalfsen in the Netherlands was the first company to take delivery of the new Durst Tau 150 high speed UV inkjet label printer. The machine was installed in June last year for Beta testing and six months later Omnilabel is delighted by the performance of the Tau.

“Durst has been very supportive,” said Managing Director Michiel Smudde. “The people at Durst have given us a lot of confidence in both the machine and their ability to respond to any unforeseen issue. The Tau is not only printing reliably and profitably but also it has given us a commercial boost, which was the major reason for purchasing the machine.”      

The company was established in 1997 as a label printer by Eshuis BV, a general printer founded in 1891 by the Grandfather of Ingrid Smudde-Eshuis, wife of Michiel. Omnilabel is a medium sized label printer and mainly specialises in small and medium volumes of printed and blank labels. It still provides labels to Eshuis but now that only represents a small part of the business, with most coming from a large number of private clients.

“The company prides itself on printing labels of excellent quality from large quantities of many millions to small volumes of a few hundred or thousands,” continued Michiel Smudde. “We also offer the highest flexibility and very fast delivery. Printing of blank labels still represents about 70% of our business but we are always looking to invest in new printing technology that will help to improve the service we provide and help to add value to the products we supply. The increasing demand for short runs has led us to evaluate various digital inkjet label presses to find the best possible option that would fit our current requirements and also offer good potential for future growth.”

“The Tau 150 was the best solution. Apart from its ability to provide very fast turn round of the highest quality, the Durst UV ink also offers excellent colour retention and allows for outdoor applications. The Tau has proven to supply a good entry into potential new customers and has already been responsible for us winning several new contracts. One example is for labeling flowers for outdoor display at a major chain of garden centres and another is for a milk producer who is about to launch the largest European brand of butter. The Tau enabled us to print sample labels of the butter from a PDF supplied by the customer whilst we discussed the project with them. Instead of taking 3 days to create proofs of the labels, it took us just a couple of hours. The customer was so impressed by our response time and quality of the samples that we were immediately awarded the contract.”

“Although the Netherlands has experienced the current business recession like everyone else, our company has continued to grow throughout that period and we expect the growth to continue over the next twelve months. We believe that the Tau 150 is responsible for actually speeding our growth whilst helping us to add value to the products we supply. Currently the factory is operating 3 shifts a day to meet the current demand.”

“We have in excess of 800 different customers all with varying label requirements from 100 to 100 million items. For the company to continue to be successful and in demand, we have to be able to respond quickly and flexibly. Most of our orders are supplied within 3 days, even the large volume ones and the Tau helps us to satisfy this demand. We will typically be required to print a large volume of blank labels and then overprint in colour just 20 or 30 items in batches for use as hang tags, for example. We supply one such customer with between 600 and 700 different orders per year.”   

The Tau 150 features Durst’s proprietary single pass technology and covers web widths from 10 cm to 16.5 cm and utilises liquid UV ink technology. The system reaches an industry leading throughput speed of close to 50 m/min.  Building on its multi-generation product offerings in the photographic market segment, Durst’s Tau 150 delivers an apparent resolution in excess of 1000 dpi, utilising state-of-the art grayscale inkjet print head technology from Xaar.  Durst’s proprietary UV inkjet technology features CMYK ink colours, plus white as an additional configuration option. A broad range of standard substrates are supported without the need for expensive and time consuming pre and post treatment. The Tau 150 delivers repeatable image quality from the first to the last label and from run to run at the push of a button. Durst’s solid & robust mechanical construction ensures high reliability for a heavy duty 24/7 production and built-in maintenance functions, such as automated printhead cleaning, help to maximise performance and machine uptime.