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Eminence Business Media

Saturday, April 9, 2011

QuickLabel Systems has developed a new barcode label automation solution

QuickLabel Systems has developed a new barcode label automation solution for The Soup Peddler, a home-style food delivery service in the US. The new Pronto! 486 barcode printer instantly prints labels with any text or images in the Soup Peddler database and adds the variable information onto pre-printed flexographic labels, printing in the blank space of the label shell. The desktop barcode label printer is ideal for high-resolution barcode label printing and prints at a speed of up to 4ips and also makes barcode labels fast enough to satisfy most labelling applications.

This 600 dpi barcode printer makes barcode labels with very small text, at sizes as small as 4 pt. type, and makes barcode label graphics in near-lithographic print quality with consistent, solid fills and clean lines and curves. Some use the Pronto! 486 to make small-size identification labels, rating plate labels, and PC board labels. Others print single-color primary display labels for their products, making labels with logos and illustrations that help promote their brands on the retail shelf. The Pronto! 486 can print variable information labels with logos, graphics, barcodes, nutrition facts panels, date codes, weight, size, price, part number, and other serializing or databased variable information. A built-in Ethernet server and a built-in web server is standard with every Pronto! barcode printer, allowing you to print over a network as well as monitor the status of your barcode printer remotely via the Internet.

We extend our industry-leading Pronto! Limited Lifetime Warranty & QuickSwap™ Loan, Repair, and Replacement Service to every Pronto! owner. QuickLabel will stay by your side to respond to the questions or problems that may arise as you use your barcode printer to produce the labels your business needs to identify, package, ship, and sell your products.

QuickLabel Systems, a brand of Astro-Med manufactures digital color label printers used by manufacturers and processors who want to print their own labels in-house, as well as barcode label printers, thermal transfer ribbon, labels, and custom label printing services.