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Friday, August 1, 2014

Burnishine announces New Deletion Pen for IBF plates

Burnishine Products has announced the immediate availability of a new two-tip deletion pen formulated specifically for use on IBF plates.  Announcing the new product, Burnishine Products President Roger Giza said: "Our new deletion pen for IBF Million DV, Negfast, Eco-T, and Million SR plates is the latest in a Burnishine line which includes deletion pens for Kodak and Fuji plates as well as the very popular CtP1000 deletion pen for most CtP plates.  Burnishine deletion pens effectively remove unwanted images and often eliminate the need to make new plates."

Since 1887, Burnishine Products has manufactured a broad line of pressroom and related chemical products, including plate chemicals, blanket and roller cleaners, fountain solutions, and a line of related cleaning products.  All Burnishine products are manufactured in the United States.