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Eminence Business Media

Saturday, August 2, 2014

New 17” Omet XFlex X4 will debut at Labelexpo Americas

Omet celebrates its 13th ongoing participation in Labelexpo Americas with the introduction of the most efficient press in its class, the XFlex X4 in width 17’’ (440 mm). The XFlex X4 offers high efficiency for the everyday converter, by combining Omet’s patented Chilled Impression roll print head design with top-rated electronic equipment, including Omet’s famous “Vision” fully automatic (MD & LD) register control system, twin servo-motors on each printing unit that deliver industry leading label and thin film printing capabilities.  The addition of the extended width to the XFlex X4 project was developed for American printers that want to produce both short/medium runs of labels and long runs of flexible packaging.

Omet has the credentials to be a reliable partner in the American territory with a wide expertise in the printing market and proven high-level technologies plus rapid US-based customer support, including immediate troubleshooting, as well as fast parts and service support from the Omet Americas facility located in Des Plaines, IL.

The XFlex X4 will not be alone at booth #3123.  At its side, an XFlex X6 530 in 10 colors will give proof of its modularity, flexibility and multi-process capabilities, since long considered a benchmark for the printing industry. During the show days, the XFlex X4 will demonstrate the rapidity of changeover and the excellence in self-adhesive label printing for the wine and spirits sector. On the XFlex X6, shrink sleeve printing will alternate with self-adhesive converting to demonstrate the potential of the machine in terms of versatility and highly consistent results.  Both machines deliver outstanding performance on many products to include film printing, self-adhesive, special papers, shrinkable materials, in-mold labels, aluminum and special applications.

Weldon Celloplast Ltd. is Omet’s exclusive agent in India and South East Asia.