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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Take the Codimag short run Challenge Aniflo Live print tests at Labelexpo

Are you looking for a solution for printing short runs that is more profitable than digital and faster than flexo? Are you tired of watching practiced demos at trade shows? Codimag announces that they will be running customer jobs Live at Labelexpo on their Viva 340 press with Aniflo keyless anilox inking technology. Either bring your files on a memory stick to booth # 5803 or send your files to us at then watch  your  job go from file to printed labels in 30 minutes or less.

Codimag will print a proof of your job then print your job using 6-color expanded gamut using Esko Equinox technology all at Labelexpo! Watch  LIVE how quickly and easily the Viva press with Aniflo keyless anilox inking technology can  deliver unbeatable print quality that is predictable & repeatable with inline finishing!

Codimag Viva’s many advantages:
  • Low cost ($4) plates.
  • Quick 5 minute CTP plate making,
  • No click charges,
  • No print or die cylinders to change,
  • No Impression settings,
  • No sticky back tape,
  • No Priming required, Use standard substrates,
  • No expensive/proprietary digital inks, low cost inks from multiple ink suppliers,
  • Low waste,
  • Rapid changeovers,
  • Inline finishing (screen, hot foil with saver, cold foil, emboss, lamination, die cutting),
  • Excellent profitability for short to medium production runs!
  • True offset print quality and predictability!

Take the Codimag short run Challenge - run your job LIVE at Labelexpo and compare print quality, job costs and process efficiency with digital & flexo!