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Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Kodak Prinergy Workflow 6.1 Drives Further Prepress Simplification

Kodak’s industry-leading print production workflow software continues to raise the bar in prepress automation and simplification with the release of Kodak Prinergy Workflow 6.1. This new version of Prinergy Workflow continues to build on the software’s history of prepress innovation with an improved web-based interface and easy job management tools including a scenario builder, job intent window, part and section views and a separation list.  Together these updates offer customers ease of use and increased control for enhanced consistency and efficiency in their prepress operations.

“The release of Kodak Prinergy Workflow 6.0 was about ease of use and automated control for both entry-level and skilled users of Prinergy Workflow,” said Mike Tedesco, Kodak’s Worldwide Product Manager, Unified Workflow Solutions. “Our commitment to customers was that every subsequent release of Prinergy Workflow would build on its foundation with additional tools to make job creation as simple, automated and as error-free as possible. Prinergy Workflow 6.1 is the result of customer driven improvement, the most critical component in our development process.”

Customer driven improvements to Kodak Prinergy Workflow 6.1 Workspace
  • Scenario Builder - a new production automation tool that facilitates the creation of workflows from intent to output - simply and quickly.
  • Job Intent Window - a single location, where users define high-level job specifications in one menu that describes the completed product.
  • New and updated Part and Section views - Users can change properties quickly, resulting in fewer errors and faster turnaround times.
  • Separation List - as requested by customers, new in the Production tab is the Separation List view. With this simplified view, operators can streamline output for separations, providing them greater efficiencies.