ET Packaging Summit 2020

ET Packaging Summit 2020
September 17, 2020

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Lake Image Systems, the worldwide leader in vision control and verification systems, has announced Discovery CheckProof-a further refinement in their popular Discovery software suite. Discovery CheckProof allows printers and converters to detect errors or irregularities by comparing the final printed product with a customer-approved PDF proof. The feature quickly determines that text, color and content match customer requirements exactly. Anomalies are flagged for review by management or quality control personnel, who can inspect magnified images of defects. A comprehensive reporting system automatically produces complete documentation for customer verification and archiving.

Commenting on the availability of Discovery CheckProof, Lake Image Systems Vice President Pat Hoskins said: "Lake Image Systems Discovery CheckProof provides still another means by which printers and converters can verify the quality of their work. Customers often prefer that their printed product be compared to an actual, approved proof, and Discovery CheckProof satisfied that need. The feature is available for immediate implementation at Lake Image Systems customers."