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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sel-Jegat Printers Pvt. Ltd., a 27 year old pioneer in high-quality label printing with advanced label printing machines in areas of flexo, letterpress, offset and screen printing recently added a new Rotoflex SPI machine for 100% pharmaceutical label inspection and quality control. This purchase supports the company's expansion and focus on the stringent requirements of label printing and inspection required by pharmaceutical industry customers with many added features.

The expanded workflows at Sel-Jegat include processes where original PDF artwork automatically becomes the master for approvals during printing using a Nikka ODRI scanner system for on-line clearance in the printing machine. The same approved PDF file that was used for printing is automatically loaded as the reference proof on the Rotoflex SPI inspection system which engages in 100% inspection, counting and slitting of the labels. The entire process is done based on the original approved artwork given by the customer. Capability to read pharmaceutical codes and barcodes is also added and the machine slits with high accuracy, maintaining perfect counting and rewinding with required tension all in a single pass.

Rotoflex re-engineered both its SPI (single pass) and DPI (dual-pass) security machine designs to meet increasingly stringent global pharmaceutical compliance demands. The SPI system offers 100% inspection, capability to repair and re-inspect if the repair has been done as per the standard, and then slits and rewinds in one pass. The Sel-Jegat Rotoflex SPI is equipped with an active web storage accumulator, eDrive controlled web transport system and a complete Nikka advanced inspection system with a highly powerful 6K camera; all fully integrated to meet the exclusive needs of their growing markets.

"With this new SPI, we have expanded and excelled in our range of inspection and rewind technology. Any volume of labels can be supplied in the shortest span of time with the highest precision and best results also assuring zero defects, reducing the downtimes of our customer's labeling lines. The support we receive from Rotoflex and Flexo Image Graphics is excellent and helps us to achieve these results. We wish the entire team many more successes." stated Mr. Raveendran, Managing Director of the company.

Sel-Jegat Printers also have a Rotoflex VLI400 and also two Mark Andy eight-color 2200 flexo presses. The company is always striving hard to exceed the global standards by continuous investments in the latest technology and is planning to expand its product ranges in order to cater a variety of other industrial labeling also.